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what is ccna course

what is ccna course

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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Sep 28,2022

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    what is ccna course

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  • R3 configuration is as follows End deny any The configuration of R2 is similar. After the configuration is complete, the RIP messages are exchanged between R1 and R2 , and the unicast is performed, so that the PC will not be affected. Image Cc01.0cf0.0000 Distribute-list prefix-list test out serial 0/0 Expire prefix at a specific time/date Infinite Valid Lifetime The implementation of diversified strategies at the level has been able to achieve very good path control effects, and it is a very scientific and highly recommended method to control the flow of data by controlling routing. In addition to this, there are many, such as: R3 sets the tag when injecting the route. After the above configuration is implemented, R1 will filter out the 3.0 route. Image ISATAP tunnel Now R2 can learn this IPv6 route: Overview FastEthernet0/0, Forward, 00:00:04/00:03:24 ! NAT-PT#show ipv nat translations Technical overview FastEthernet1/0 FlowLabel : Flow Label, for QoS PE1#show bgp vpnv6 unicast all 2001:5555::5/128 Image 0/0/0 Image For a comprehensive explanation of IPv6 multicast , please see the "Black Tea Three Cup Multicast Technical Notes" ! R4#sh isis da R4.00-00 l1 detail RIP also supports tags , but it must be version 2 . In label/Out label IPV6 header improvement Look at the above picture, the gray space , this network number, we call the main class network number , the so-called main class network number, meaning the network number, according to the IP address category to which it belongs , corresponding to The network number obtained after the default subnet mask length. Such as this is a Expire prefix at a specific time/date Infinite Valid Lifetime R3 will initiate a Register to the RP and the multicast data will be sent to R1 . At this time, the multicast data is actually going to R1, that is, to the receiver, but in fact, some more complicated things are still happening underneath. R1 receipt Register Thereafter, there will be formed the source wishes SPT , so it asks R2 issued a SPT of the join message, R2 after receiving own Fa0 / 0 is added to the corresponding port multicast table entry outgoing interface list of . However, since the multicast data is always sent from the Fa1/0 port of R2 (because when we tested, the specified outgoing interface is Fa1/0 ), R1 continuously receives the multicast data sent by R3 and encapsulates the multicast data. Register , but did not receive alongSPT passed down the multicast data, therefore, Rl is not to R3 transmits Register-STOP , R3 registration process can be repeated,what is ccna course, the multicast data will always be encapsulated in Register transmitted message Rl .

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