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ccna course london

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ccna course london

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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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    ccna course london

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  • The PC receives an RA message and will do a test: Configuration example 1111 0xxx xxxx xxxx RouterID Ip address Port-channel Ethernet Channel of interfaces Duplicate address detection: The node sends an NS to the Solicited-Node multicast address corresponding to the tentative address that it will use . If it receives the NA of the response from another station , it proves that the address has been used on the network, and the node will not be able to use it. Use the tentative address communication. Modify the TAG of the summary LSA of the ASBR notification ! 2023::3 Image 850 GW configuration Adjust the management distance of the routing protocol Configuring the sample EIGRP environment Image Metric =0 120 Protocol ID: 0x0800 When a host receives an RA router advertisement, it will look at the M bit in the RA . If the M bit is 1 , it starts looking for DHCP on the LAN . 170 !! Do not activate RIP , but use re-release ! Route-map test permit/deny 10 1/128 Interface Image Ip unnumbered fastEthernet 0/0 ipv6 enable Image Interface FastEthernet0/0 Virtual-PPP Virtual PPP interface Virtual-Template Virtual Template interface An IPv6 unicast address corresponds to a Solicited-node address. The valid range of the Solicited-node address is the local link range. 32 bits Interface FastEthernet0/0 ipv6 enable Image Linklocal address of the router : Bgp connected eigrp Y Notice the Flag field, OSPF redistributes routes to RIP : Two-way re-release of OSPF and RIP 6PE basic experiment Router isis 0 , regarded as infinity We focus on the 2001:5555::5/128 route, the next hop is a strange address, but from the last 32bits of this address is it is not difficult to see who passed this route to me, in addition, The out label of the prefix is 403 , and this 403 is exactly what PE2 passed to me. In other words, PE2 as 2001: 5555 :: 5/128 This IPv6 prefix assigned 403 labels, and pass this map to the PE1 , the label is actually MP-BGP generated. Then when PE1 has data to go to 2001:5555::5 is it directly labeled 403 ? Of course not, because the label 403 for MPLS Backbone in the P routers, do not understand, therefore,ccna course london, we also need an outer label, the label by the LDPGenerated so that our packets can be transmitted within the MPLS Backbone .

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