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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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ccna dumps book

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    ccna dumps book

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  • A and B respectively use this IPv4 public network address to map to get the 6to4 address space. The 6to4 address space uses 2002::/16 , and the 6to4 address is formed as follows: The direct result of this command is that the metric of in R3's original routing table is 30720 ,ccna dumps book, but now it is 10000 , which becomes 40720 . We see that after the offset command is configured , what actually changes is the DLY that is updated to the neighbor . Because it is true that DLY is the best, the default (interface) ip load-sharing per-packet When one or more consecutive 16- bit fields are 0 , the ::: is available, but only one is allowed in the entire abbreviation: 12 FE00 – FE7F On the other hand, we capture the package: Maximum route entry Access-list 2 permit route-map cisco permit 10 Ipv6 nat FF02::1:2 = ALL DHCP Agents ( servers or relays, link-local scope ) FF05::1:3 = ALL DHCP servers ( Site-local scope ) Image Take the configuration of R2 as an example: FastEthernet0/0 The link layer supported by IPv6 requires a minimum MTU of 1280 bytes. So now, we add the following in the configuration of R2 : The configuration of PE2 is as follows: Source starts to send IPv6 packets using MTU=1300 , and the packets reach the destination smoothly. None !! Match the exit of the packet URL representation of the IPv6 address Address format: FF02:0:0:0:0:1:FFXX:XXXX , the specific correspondence is as follows: At this time, he himself will still forward if he receives the data packet to , but will not forward to other rips. Address-family ipv6 neighbor 2001::1 activate --- Passing the value of Tag The destination IP address of the route , which can be the address of the natural network segment or the subnet address or The above command defines the source address allowed to be IPv6 nat , matching with an IPv6 ACL . Unassigned The configuration of R4 is added as follows: Then just republish this static summary route into OSPF . In this way , the routers in OSPF can reach through this summary route. Exit-address-family DC The IPv6 data of the 6to4 network can be forwarded by obtaining the corresponding public network IPv4 address from the destination IPv6 address . However, if the IPv6 island is not using the 6to4 address space, but a regular aggregatable global unicast address like 2001::/16 ? This requires the use of 6to4 relay. Set as-path set community Type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho source-ipaddr frequency 10 AFI (Address family identifier) Route Tag Ipv6 nd prefix 2001:0001::/64 OI 2002::1/128 [110/64] Image Ip address Image 1/8 Image E : global scope; Access-list 1 permit any route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 1 ! The address may also represent an interface node or not IP address can be used as the source of some packets IP address (such as the DAD message DHCP initialization process the client's source IP ). For IPv6 node is not acquired IPv6 scene addresses Image Ipv6 nd prefix 2012::/64 at xxx yyyy Ip address The packet contains a maximum of 25 routing entries. experiment analysis Ipv6 pim rp-address X:X:X:X::X Can I handle AS-external-lsa , usually ASBR? 1/256 to actually has two paths to go. If the RIP protocol is running in the network , in fact, for A , going to can be shared by B and D load. However, in some cases, we hope to data is controlled, for example, we want to Access of the main traffic go B , when B hung up, then switch to the D on. So we simply in D deployment offset-List , in which the A notice routing, increased 1 jump, then this route will be compared to B advertised to A route metric big a jump, A naturally preferably B .

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