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ccna r&s 200-125 dumps

CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNA Routing & Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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    ccna r&s 200-125 dumps

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  • Tunnel source serial 0/0 tunnel destination The packet contains a maximum of 25 routing entries. Ip route Redistribute ospf 1 route-map test Interface Loopback0 Network Assume that R1 is the stub node in the network structure. Therefore, on R2 , the extra routes are filtered out, and only the Fa1/0 port route of R3 is decentralized . Image So now, we add the following in the configuration of R2 : IP protocol number 88 Experimental needs The verification of Layer 2 and Layer 4 is already robust enough, so IPv6 directly cancels the Layer 3 check of IP . Offset list [Note] If the interface is passive , but at the same time the network interface in the routing process, the interface will not attempt to send updates or establish neighbor relationships, but the network segment where it is located will still be declared into the routing process. Redistribute connected route-map test no synchronization Route-map test permit 10 Image Interface FastEthernet0/0 ipv6 enable Then, in order for R3 to dynamically learn the routing of production and office servers, it is now necessary to redistribute these two static routes into OSPF . Of course, there are tricks when re-publishing. ...... twenty two Address-family ipv6 The intermediate router A realizes that the data packet is too large, and the MTU is 1400 , so an ICMPv6 type=2 message is replied to the source response. The linklocal address is only valid within the link range, so you need to specify the local interface to which this linklocal neighbor address is connected . R1(config-route-map)# match ip address prefix-list list1 Different OSPF between two-point two-way process re-release, can also use a static summary route re-issued, respectively, in two ASBR create different static routes summary above, re-publish static summary routes in the corresponding processes. Experiment 2 Packets with destination addresses that do not exist at the beginning of 192.168 are discarded directly. Normal traffic on other subnets of the 192.168 intranet will be forwarded according to the longest matching principle. The default keyword has a lower priority than the detail route. Image Interface tunnel1 Ipv6 enable Tunnel source Serial0/0 tunnel mode ipv6ip 6to4 Basic knowledge After the PC ,ccna r&s 200-125 dumps, the PC regards the Router as a gateway, this lifetime Adjust the management distance of the routing protocol Image !! Note that it is configured in interface mode to set the metric accumulation amount. Optional value 1-16 C is directly connected, Serial0/0 is subnetted, 1 subnets Image After the configuration is complete, the BGP connection between R2 and R3 can simultaneously deliver IPv4 and IPv6 route prefixes. Network mask Flag / option ::1 2001:12::/64 0000 010x xxxx xxxx Image For more comprehensive analysis of IPv6 OSPF , please see "Red Tea Three Cups OSPF Technical Notes" RFC1722 URL representation of the IPv6 address Router ospf 1 MD5 is certified between R2 and R3 . Realize network interconnection Image Ipv6 nd dad attempts x Tunnel mode ipv6ip 6to4 interface fast1/0 Access-list 2 permit !! Note that it is configured in interface mode to set the metric accumulation amount. Optional value 1-16 Interface FastEthernet0/0 ipv6 enable Ipv6 pim rp-address X:X:X:X::X !! Activate the IPv6 address family with PE2 Ipv route 2222::/64 fastEthernet 0/0 FE80::CE00:1AFF:FEE4:0 Command RIP is re-released into OSPF Metric Continue with a simple view on R4 : Image Ip route Application example *Mar 1 00:11:48.023: ICMP: echo reply rcvd, src, dst Tunnel mode ipv6ip 6to4 interface fast1/0 ! Dual-stack ( Dual Stack ) mechanism ! Both Configuration example 1111 1110 0xxx xxxx After receiving the RA response, the ISATAP host will take out the IPv6 prefix and then add its own ISATAP virtual network card. The configuration of PE2 is as follows: Next Hop 835 The configuration of R3 is as follows: Ethernet Multi-protocol BGP basic configuration Router bgp 300 Image Message type !! Attention tunnel mode Fa0/0 IPv6 packets are carried over IPv4 packets. Between routers, routing information is passed, and the distribution list has absolute control over routing information. Therefore, if it is in the direction, by deploying the distribution list, the specific route can be filtered, so that the local routing routing table of the distribution list is changed, and when the local router updates the routing information to the downstream router, the actually updated content is An entry that is affected by the distribution list.

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ccna r&s 200-125 dumps

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