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ccna 200-125 dumps free download pdf

    ccna 200-125 dumps free download pdf

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  • Note the tool. Here is actually a summary of the deployment of static routes, of course, in addition to we can also route summary in the dynamic routing protocol, almost all dynamic routing protocols support route summarization. Used for automatic address configuration, neighbor discovery, router discovery, etc. PE1 , P , and PE2 form an LDP neighbor relationship and deliver IGP labels. R2(config-router)# distribute-list 1 out fa 1/0 ...... Ipv6 address 2012::FFFF/64 Show vrf ipv6 view vrf ipv6 Basic knowledge 1/1024 Image !! wherein is R2 of Router-ID , attention since in R3 of OSPF No passive-interface fast 0/24 Image Next hop, FastEthernet1/0 valid adjacency R1 goes to ping R4 and can ping . Tag 1111, type extern 2, forward metric 64 Any Create route-map route-map Image OSPF TAG Overview Match length matches according to the third layer length of the packet Image Address structure ... partially omitted ... Difficult analysis 3 Next Hop Bgp connected eigrp Associate the static route of the next hop By default , Cisco routers enable fast switching or optimal switching or cef switching instead of process Sourced in sev-epoch 1 Encap length 14 UP FastEthernet1/0 Image RIP version number: After the above configuration is completed, the entire network route is passed. Address-family vpnv6 neighbor activate Message type Image Ip cef Options is 0x6423B8FD Dead timer due in 00:00:31 Neighbor is up for 00:05:46 Ip route Passive-interface configuration Unassigned Valid lifetime ( ! Valid Lifetime ) DAD ( Duplicate Address Detection ) Ipv6 enable Redis static route-map test Configuration command Redistribution will only perform re-release actions on routes in the routing table. Image Bgp router-id In CISCO IOS , CEF can hash the source and destination IP addresses and import the hashed results into a load balancing table for load balancing. This table has 16 hash buckets , each of which points to an adjacency, and multiple buckets can point to an adjacency at the same time. You can use the show ip cef route prefix internal hidden command to see: Ipv6 address 2001:12::1/64 Mpls labels in/out nolabel/ 403 For different routing protocols, the corresponding AD values ​​are shown in the table below. This is a well-known convention: Unassigned Interface Tunnel1 12 Ipv6 unicast-routing IP address, and then take the destination IP address to look up in its own routing table. After finding the "best match" entry, the packet is forwarded according to the outbound interface or next hop IP indicated by the routing entry . This is the IP route. ( IP routing ) . And each router maintains a routing table locally. Exit-address-family After the trigger update is enabled, the routers at both ends of the link no longer send routing updates periodically. Of course, another problem arises. If the route in the routing table expires, it will hang, so it is necessary to trigger the update. It must be configured on both interfaces of the link, so that the routing update will be marked permanent for permanent. 1 : Request message, requesting all or part of the routing information from the neighbor; Modify the TAG of all external LSAs generated by the ASBR . It has to be emphasized here that the premise that the network can deploy route summarization is that the IP subnet and network model design have certain scientific and rationality, so the route summarization and the design of the network IP subnet and network model are closely related. Image BGP table version is 1, local router ID is As shown above,ccna 200-125 dumps free download pdf, R1 , R2 , and R3 run RIP . In the initial situation, R2 will update its routing table to R1 , which assumes that there are three routes 1.0 , On the CISCO IOS router, configure the mapping of a host name to an IPv6 address as follows: The cache extracts the destination interface , destination MAC address, etc. , which greatly speeds up packet forwarding. Neighbor FE80::CE01:8FF:FED8:10 remote-as 12 neighbor FE80::CE01:8FF:FED8:10 password cisco UP Improve Image Mechanism principle !! Match, go this one Image IPv6 transition technology Size IPV6 and subnetting This global configuration command enables PBR to take effect on locally originated traffic. 2001:2::/96 , this 96 -bit prefix is a predefined prefix for NAT-PT operations. The prefix can be customized, but the length must be 96 bits . This predefined prefix is ​​very critical, which is equivalent to pre-defining an IPv6 space for the IPv4 network on the right side of R2 . To give a very simple example, IPv6 single network protocol, if there are PC you want to access IPv4 single-protocol network PC , so a quick visit? What is the destination address? Can not let a IPv6 only the PC to ping an IPv4 address, right? So this /96 pre-defined prefix comes in handy, which can be understood as a predefined IPv6 address space served in the scenario for the IPv4 only network on the right .

ccna 200-125 dumps free download pdf

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CCNA Routing And Switching 200-125 Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 200-125

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Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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