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ccnp tshoot chapter 3 exam answers

    ccnp tshoot chapter 3 exam answers

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  • R3 and R4 , R4 and R5 establish IBGP neighbor relationships, and R3 R4 R5 uses LOOPBACK as the update source and refers to the neighbor . Router(config-router)# distance AD ip-src wildmask acls The Client does not know its own Client , so the RR itself can also become a client of others. R3 and R4 , R4 and R5 establish IBGP neighbor relationships, and R3 R4 R5 uses LOOPBACK as the update source and refers to the neighbor . BGP routing table entry for, version 4 Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal, best BGP Identifer ROUTER-ID and OSPF selected routerID consistent manner About the configuration of PVLAN : R2(config)# router eigrp 100 None After the trigger update is enabled, the routers at both ends of the link no longer send routing updates periodically. Of course, another problem arises. If the route in the routing table expires, it will hang, so it is necessary to trigger the update. It must be configured on both interfaces of the link, so that the routing update will be marked permanent for permanent. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Route map reference Marker : for detecting BGP loss of synchronization between peers, the message authentication, and in the case of supporting an authentication function if the message type is open or open message does not contain authentication message flag field is set to all 1 , Ip prefix-list ABC seq 5 permit ge 24 Each cluster contains a reflector and its client Ip prefix-list 1 permit route-map test deny 10 Max age Configuring a sample RIP environment The identifier of the authentication item indicates that the entire routing packet needs to be verified. Ip route version number ( Well-known mandatory ) Clear ip bgp {neighbor-address} soft in/out specifies a specific neighbor, it is recommended Matching with the detailed route , so eventually these two routes will be filtered out, which is inconsistent with our needs. In fact, this is the drawback of using a standard ACL to match the route, you can only match the network number of the route,ccnp tshoot chapter 3 exam answers, and can not further match the prefix of the route. ? On R3 : ^\(65000\)$ Management MAC table R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. Switch(config)# interface vlan 20 0 00:11:53 No synchronization no auto-summary * i Ip prefix-list 2 permit route-map WT2 permit 10 BGP table version is 10, local router ID is 100 200 Ip route LocPrf 4 Method two: neighbor xxx default-originate Difficult to resolve Unicast update 53 If you don't feel it (such as the middle switch ), you can't switch automatically. The router will still throw data to this next-hop . There are already many arp firewalls on the market that can be recognized. Of course, there are some simple methods, such as arp-a to see if the MAC is correct. Or catch a bag and so on. (interface) ip load-sharing per-packet Technical overview Conditional delivery of default routes No synchronization no auto-summary As you can see, the route carries the atomic-aggregate attribute, which is used to inform the downstream neighbor that this is the route attribute that summarizes the route and loses the detail. At the same time, the aggregator attribute identifies the summary location ( the RouterID of the AS and the summary router ). Router bgp 100 In R2 , the energy from each R1 and R3 learning to 100.0 the EBGP route, if arranged on maximum-paths 2 Route tag Tag 73 May be provided for routing cost , cost-ID is equal to the time, preferably cost small. If the cost is equal, select the cost-ID is small. Distance vector routing protocol OPEN message Epoch 0 RootGuard The origin of the distance vector name is because the route is advertised in the form of a vector (distance, direction), where the distance is defined according to the metric, and the direction is defined according to the next hop router. RIP database R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. Access-list 2 permit is subnetted, 1 subnets ? AFI ( Address Mode Routing. So go to both network segments and go to R1 . So if we want to go to and take R3 , so that these two destinations can be diverted? We can choose to route the source from in the EIGRP process of R2 . 15 Metric s> Each sequence number statement in the Route-map is equivalent to each row in the access control list. Top-down processing in the order of the serial number, once the matching sequence is found, it will not continue to search. Redistribute ospf 1 route-map test Ip as-path access-list 1 permit .* router bgp 300 EtherChannel protocol * i This idea has been applied to dynamic routing protocols such as OSPF . Careful children's shoes will find that after you deploy route summarization in OSPF , it will automatically generate a summary route pointing to null0 locally . The reason is explained above. the same. At this point , the route is seen on R3 , which contains the next hop attribute, and the previous one. Matches 100~109 , and 10 because " ." also contains spaces None Route tag 1111 Network Aggregate-address as-set summary-only A strange phenomenon has appeared. It seems that R4 does not reflect the route from R5 to R3 . Why? In theory, the RR will learn from non- client of IBGP neighbor to route reflection to their Client , but it is clear, in this experiment, R4 and did not learn from R5 route reflection to their Client . Advantages and disadvantages Next Hop Field name Passive-interface configuration No synchronization Le le-value To 100 end of the AS_PATH , which is the route originated in 100AS route Switch(config)# vtp mode {server | client | transparent} We know that the data of the VLAN that the switch can support is very large. If PVST+ is enabled , each VLAN has a spanning tree, and no spanning tree must have a separate identifier. If you need to use a MAC , then the MAC address pool. It must be unbearable. Must be zero Match ip address prefix-list 1 set metric 200 Match ip address prefix-list 1 set as-path prepend 100 route-map test permit 20 Switchport access vlan 100 interface fast0/24 In the in direction, the distribution list can only filter the route when the LSA is received locally. When the route is generated, the router's own routing table that implements the distribution list will be affected by the distribution list (but the local LSDB still has the LSA ), and router will still LSADB in Ipv6 does not support R2#sh ip b Match x4 set Y Router bgp 200 Router(config-router)#redistribute ? OSPF redistributes routes to RIP : COMMUNITY attribute is set . 4 th 8 value bit group, RFC1997 predetermined front 2B represents AS number, after 2B represents the basis for management purposes set identifier, the format of AA : NN , and CISCO default display format is NN : AA , may be used The global configuration command ip bgpcommunity new-format changes the CISCO default format to RFC format. 246 1 i R4 to R3 configured as Client , then it will be able to break through the limitation of split level, will learn from R3 route reflector to R5 , will learn from R5 route reflection of self- R3 . Let's look at R5 of the BGP table: // is equivalent to route-map not matching ( permit ) any entry, so all details are released ? Regular expressions can be used to match routes. On the catalyst switch, you can use the portfast keyword to manually configure it. Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal Originator:, Cluster list:, There can only be one Isolate vlan in a primary VLAN. Route-map COST2 permit 10 match ip address prefix-list 100 set extcommunity cost 1 5 length Request message: You can request the entire routing table or request specific routing information. Route-map PBR permit 20 match ip address 2 External route tag. / / View command: Show etherchannel 1 summary Path attribute Local network and re-routed routes, LP defaults to 100 , and can be transmitted to other IBGP neighbors within the AS . The LP is unchanged unless the policy is deployed during transmission. Sequence of next hops. The acceptable range is from 1 to 65535. BGP is a classless routing protocol, a distance vector routing protocol, and automatic summarization is turned off by default (this depends on IOS ). Dhcp-bindings none —Does not log packets that match DHCP bindings. Configuration command Neighbor update-source Loopback0 100 A BGP neighbor has an impact only on the router. It can be understood as a weight value. The larger the priority, the higher. The value is in the range 0-65535 . All VLANs Ip prefix-list 10 seq 5 permit ip prefix-list 11 seq 5 permit route-map test permit 10 Configuration last modified by at 3-5-93 00:11:48 Local-as IP R1(config-route-map)# match ip address prefix-list list1 100 Bgp default local-preference 500 // Modify the default lp value of the route originating locally Static routes Each group of GLBPs can have up to four member routers as ip default gateways. These gateways are called AVF ( active virtual forwarder ). The election of the root bridge will not be said. Next, look at the two interfaces of RP and SW2, and both will receive the BPDU , and the BPDU received by the interface connected to the root will be received . / / View command: Show etherchannel 1 summary On R2 and R3 , there are two OSPF processes. If shown, one is OSPF1 and the other is OSPF2 . Note that this dual process is mainly implemented on the two ASBRs R2 and R3 . Router bgp 11 Between ASs , and within AS , BGP hopes that the IGP protocol can be handled by itself, so the administrative distance of IBGP routes is set to a large AD value of 200 . Modify the default AD value of BGP . The command is as follows: Path *> SW3#sh int tru Protected port can only communicate with unprotected port (default) //The details are not released. BGP activity 1/0 prefixes, 1/0 paths, scan interval 60 secs R2#sh cef interface s0/0 policy-statistics input Serial0/0 is up (if_number 4) External Set the timer of STP R3 and R4 establish IBGP neighbor relationship, and R3 on the OSPF routes redistributed into BGP An entry stored in the log buffer can represent multiple packets. For example, the switch receives the same ARP from the same interface and the same VLAN. *>i100.0.2.0/24 Fa0/22 desirable n-isl trunking 1 Remove VLANs from the current list Metric Port Neighbor route-map test out Various types of ports of a Layer 3 switch R3 Route tag Tag 73 Access-list 1 permit AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd R1 announces into BGP , and R2 learns these two routes from and respectively. The description of several fields ( ISL header) in the above figure is as follows: Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 20 If multiple candidate default routes are specified using ip default-network , then the lowest AD will become the default route and set as the default gateway ( gate of last resort ). If AD is equal, then show ip route The first one is displayed as the default gateway. If both ip defaut-network and ip route 0.0.0.

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ccnp tshoot chapter 3 exam answers

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