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ccnp route complete guide

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ccnp route complete guide

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    ccnp route complete guide

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  • In this experiment, we define AS345 as a federated AS , R3 , and R4 as member ASs , using 64512 as the AS number, R5 as a member AS , and 64513 as the AS number. This is the general case, of course, there are two situations, it depends on the specific environment and the specific routing protocol. Encapsulation Status Server, however, if there is a private DHCP server in the intranet , then it will affect the network, for example, the client is private. Route-map COST1 permit 10 match ip address prefix-list 100 The spanning tree topology in the network is attached to the timer of the root bridge, and the root passes the timer in the BPDU to all switches on the second layer. BGP routing table entry for, version 2 In the above example, the phenomenon we mentioned, R4 will know the route from OSPF and RIP to , and finally R4 will choose OSPF route. This is a phenomenon we don't want to see in this environment, because it creates a sub-optimal path. The AD values ​​for several common routing protocols are listed below: If the BGP route is learned from other BGP peers , the MED does not carry the MED when it is advertised to the EBGP peer . ? Switch(config-if)# switchport protected Priority 120 (configured) RFC1721 When the router performs a classless route lookup (by default, ip classless ), it does not pay attention to the class of the destination address. It performs the longest match between the destination address and all known routes bit by bit . Then, in order for R3 to dynamically learn the routing of production and office servers, it is now necessary to redistribute these two static routes into OSPF . Of course, there are tricks when re-publishing. : 000a.8a07.8280 Exit Configuration and implementation Vlan 100 Private-vlan ioslate Remove the command configured on SW1 in step 2 to restore the experimental environment. On R1 , filter out routes, other release Recognized as a self-determination attribute. LP is the local priority and is used for Update messages between internal peers ( IBGP ) , but not to other EBGP neighbors. The larger the LP value, the higher the priority. AAAA03 SNAP (fixed value) An escape character that is used to convert the control character immediately following it to a normal character ^10[^0-6]$ None Port-Security supports nonegotiating trunk interface The KEEPALIVE message actually compensates for the defect that TCP cannot confirm the peer's survival. Default-metric x Other configuration commands In a route-map statement, if there is no match statement, match all ...... You can further configure this logical etherchannel interface. End deny any In CISCO IOS 12.2(33)SXH and subsequent versions, we can deploy port-security and 802.1X on the same interface. And before this software version: ? Limit the host connected to the switch port ( filtered according to IP or MAC address) Neighbor remote-as 100 basic concept ^10. The pVLAN must be configured on a switch in transparent mode. Also requires VTP version 1 or 2 . It is forbidden to configure the Layer 3 VLAN interface as a secondary VLAN . SW1(config-if)# ip address Both R1 and R2 inject and into BGP using network . Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Connected ? However, for sticky entries, the aging time is never activated and it will not age. You can not route the network , but the origin of the route, configure a summary static, and then network the summary route, this method is not recommended. R4 to R3 configured as Client , then it will be able to break through the limitation of split level, will learn from R3 route reflector to R5 , will learn from R5 route reflection of self- R3 . Let's look at R5 of the BGP table: ! Optional Neighbor xxxx advertise-map xx exist-map xx If it is injected through network or re-release, the IGP next hop of the prefix will be the next-hop of BGP before injection. Comparative principle If the outbound interface is a broadcast interface, it may impose an additional burden ( ARP ) on the nodes under the interface or cause potential problems. 0 ? Both Root received the TCN , sent back a TCN ACK to C . Configure Port Security Rate Limiter VTP configuration ? Route metric is 0, traffic share count is 60 For example, if a route is flipped, the penalty value is 1000. In this case, there is a half-life ( 15 minutes). After 15 minutes (if the route is not flipped again), the penalty value is reduced to half 500 , and after 15 minutes, it becomes 250. At this time, if the route has another jitter, the penalty value is increased by 1000 and becomes 1250. Before this, the route is used normally. If they shake once, it becomes 2250 , exceeding the threshold 2000 ,ccnp route complete guide, this route will be suppressed, nor not updated. After 15 minutes, if it is no longer flipped, it is reduced to half 1125 (but still suppressed), so it goes through several half-lives until it is reduced to 750 (re-use limit) and the route is enabled again.

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

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Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Jan 27,2022

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