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how2pass ccnp switch

    how2pass ccnp switch

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  • SW1(config-if)# glbp 1 load-balancing host-dependent !! The same PC (source MAC ) is assigned to a fixed gateway virtual MAC RIP version number: Match ip address 2 set metric 3 As we R3 on the RIP routes injected into OSPF marked the Tag 1111 , then the next 100 Private-vlan mapping add 101,102 Modify AS_PATH with route-map STP and RSTP port comparison: ^100_ Forwarder 1 State is Active Router ospf 100 Ip address The switch sends data frames according to the discovered outbound interface. The implementation of diversified strategies at the level has been able to achieve very good path control effects, and it is a very scientific and highly recommended method to control the flow of data by controlling routing. In addition to this, there are many, such as: <1-4294967295> community number Configuration Revision 17 Switch(config)# interface fast 0/1 Switch(config-if)# no switchport The Conditional inject is configured as follows (in BGP routing process mode): technical background When both the primary and secondary addresses exist, RIP will use both the primary and secondary addresses as the source to send routing updates. So R1 and R3 will learn the routing update of . But R3 ca n't learn , on the one hand, because R1 sends updates to R3 and is ignored by R3. Local network and re-routed routes, LP defaults to 100 , and can be transmitted to other IBGP neighbors within the AS . The LP is unchanged unless the policy is deployed during transmission. Reviser ( FraIue check sequence ) We can affect the routing by setting the LP value. For example, the same implementation allows R4 to access and go to R3 , accessing The front is to use static routing. If dynamic routing protocol is used, the situation is different. For example, IGRP or EIGRP , the network specified by the ip default-network command must be obtained through IGRP or EIGRP (declaration, learning or redistribution). ), the default route can be dynamically passed to other protocol routers. Router ospf 1 Local origin We know that the AD value of a static route is 1. The above configuration method actually changes the AD value of the static route to 10 . In this way, we have two default routes, one for the telecom exit, the AD value is the default 1 ; the other points to the education network exit, and the AD value is 10 . Then after Logical aggregation of similar links In the ETHERNET_II frame, the upper layer protocol is distinguished by the Type field. At this time, it is not necessary to implement the LLC sublayer,how2pass ccnp switch, and only one MAC sublayer is included . And IEEE802.3 frames in the LLC sublayer of the link layer in addition to the traditional definition of services, but also adds a number of other useful features. These features are provided by the DSAP , SSAP, and Control fields.

how2pass ccnp switch

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