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ccnp switch lab using gns3

ccnp switch lab using gns3

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Exam

Exam Number : 300-101 ROUTE

Associated Certification : CCNP Routing & Switching

Duration : 120 minutes (45 - 65 questions)

Available Languages: English, Japanese

NOTE: Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE 300-101) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP Routing.This exam certifies the routing knowledge and skills of successful candidates.

Exam Number : 300-115 SWITCH

Associated Certification : CCNP Routing & Switching

Duration : 120 minutes (30 - 40 questions)

Available Languages: English, Japanese

NOTE: Implementing Cisco IP SWITCHING (ROUTE 300-115) is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP SWITCHING. This exam certifies the switching knowledge and skills of successful candidates.

Exam Number : 300-135 TSHOOT

Associated Certification : CCNP Routing & Switching

Duration : 120 minutes (15 - 25 questions)

Available Languages: English, Japanese

NOTE: This exam certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to: Plan and perform regular maintenance on complex enterprise routed and switched networks Use technology-based practices and a systematic ITIL-compliant approach to perform network troubleshooting

    ccnp switch lab using gns3

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  • ---------- Represents the upper layer protocol ( BPDU ), which is always 0. : Disabled Neighbor management / / Used to match the BGP neighbors passed to my summary route , here is the IP of R4 The routing between the internal LOOPBACK of the AS can be learned separately. Both R1 and R3 update the route of the 100 network segment to R2 . Without any policy, the BGP routing rule will always be compared to the RID , and finally the route of R1 is preferred . Configure additional verification actions 3 0003.44d6.c52f 2BB648EB interface-id 1bdb223f Port Port-security does not support the destination interface of SPAN Modify the TAG of the summary LSA of the ASBR notification The metric is a value) The original attribute is i ,ccnp switch lab using gns3, so R3 and R4 learn BGP route from R1 and R2 at the same time . After the decision, the traffic to will be sent from R2 to R1 , so the sub-optimal path is obtained. After completion of the above-described basic configuration, we can at R5 to see the phenomenon, R5 simultaneously from R2 received 100.0 route segment, also from R3 received from the R1 release of 100 route segment, the final R5 will The route of R2 is preferred , which is matching this rule. (global configuration mode) ip dhcp relay information trust-all R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. ? Catos port switch ID in the default priority 32 (priority . 6 th 'bit ) , the IOS switch default 128 (priority field . 8 bits) trunk permanent link aggregation mode, forced trunk , send DTP frames 0 ? : 000a.8a07.8280 Next Hop Neighbor remote-as 13 Distribute-list 1 in Configuration and implementation Must be zero Port RIP version number: 16 bits Protected port can only communicate with unprotected port (default) Ip default-network BGP neighbor Neighbor remote-as 200 Route-map test permit 10 Index We can let DAI do further verification by configuring some additional options . There are three optional keywords, dst-mac , ip , src-mac After the interface is configured, the interface switches to the err-disable state immediately after receiving the BPDU . Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path Deployment Highlights 63 Tag 9, type extern 2, forward metric 64 Re-advertise routes between different OSPF processes R3 re-releases the incoming A route, so R2 , R3 , and R4 form a routing loop. After receiving the BPDU packet, the interface will immediately switch to the err-disable state. Lowest sender bridge ID RFC1771 A Border Gateway Protocol 4 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport mode trunk BPDU sending bridge ID CASE4 : VTP Version capable The TAG field ( 32bits ) is only present in the external LSA . The configuration of R5 is as follows: In Ethernet, multiple protocols can coexist simultaneously in a local area network. Therefore, setting the corresponding hexadecimal value in the Type field of Ethernet II provides a mechanism to support multi-protocol transmission in the LAN. A sends a data frame to B requesting to establish a reliable connection-oriented connection. Match ip address prefix-list 2 router bgp 100 Verification Experiment 2 Impact of CLUSTER_LIST in BGP Routing Penalty value: 1000 per swing Ip dhcp pool vlan10 network /24 Bgp bestpath as−path ignore This command, if configured, skips this rule Define multiple serial numbers under route-map . The serial number has a priority order when performing matching actions. Ip address *> Introduction and delivery of BGP routes 6 MacAddress Local 100 Per packet load-sharing is disabled IP unicast RPF check is disabled Inbound access list is not set Outbound access list is not set 25 Tiao Bridge ID of the root bridge The configuration of R1 is as follows: There are class, classless routing protocol redistribute 14 ! It can only be mapped to the ethernet of vlan The configuration of R4 is as follows: ? Access-list 1 permit . DAI relies on DHCP snooping technology. In a network environment where users dynamically obtain IP addresses, we deploy DHCP. Configuring bridge priority Next Hop Note inconsistent with err-diasble difference is, ERR-disable will disable off the entire interface, and inconsistentport is for a particular VLAN 's. Set metric 1111 Transparent mode VTP configuration revision number is always 0 New and R3 of BGP connections, and is using the AS201 and R3 ( AS300 ) established EBGP neighbor relationship. Transition from the old routing protocol to the new routing protocol Redistribute rip subnets route-map test Configuring BGP Federal Ip dhcp pool BIND In 802.1D , the TYPE field uses only the highest and lowest bits to indicate TC and TC acknowledgment, and RSTP extends this field: The routing protocols that support TAG are: RIPv2 , EIGRP , OSPF , ISIS , BGP Neighbor remote-as 13 Y MAC address. Create route-map route-map ! Multilink Multilink-group interface At the same time, the same OSPF route is learned from both processes and is used on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, if R3 first learns the route from R1 , it will naturally ignore the one that R2 re-releases. However, if the neighbor relationship between R1 and R3 is already obtained in R3 Class and classless route lookup mode 9 ? After bgp confederation iden 345 configuration, for the federated AS , this AS is not what 64512 , but 345 The pVLAN must be configured on a switch in transparent mode. Also requires VTP version 1 or 2 . It is forbidden to configure the Layer 3 VLAN interface as a secondary VLAN . Decision summary Note that this time you add the extend keyword in the send-community Max age Send Keepalive bag * i100.0.2.0/24 Route-map test permit 20 match ip address prefix-list 2 set metric 200 UDP Not advertised to any peer Local Switch(config)# vlan 10 Sw1(config-if)#ip address Sw1(config-if)#no shu 100 i Each update message describes only a single BGP route. This is because the BGP path attribute can only describe a single route. Static No auto-summary This is a very typical scenario. GS_SW is an aggregation layer switch that runs OSPF with the core switch . The GS_SW needs to advertise the network segment corresponding to the VLAN to be hanged , so that the core switch can learn the relevant routes. Then, once GS_SW announces the network segment corresponding to these VLANs in the OSPF process , the corresponding SVI interface will flood the OSPF HELLO message to the VLAN , and these messages are actually redundant.

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