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ccnp switch pdf

    ccnp switch pdf

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  • BEGIN Accept either real AS or local AS from the ebgp peer . Translation: EBGP peers can use either PriAS or SecAS to local remote-as . For example, after configuring the above command on R2 , R3 is . In its BGP process, you can use neighbor 10.1. 23.2 remote-as 200 , you can also use remote-as 201 to refer to BGP neighbor R2. Note the access-list 1 method. The result of the experiment is that acl must match the IP and mask of the interface , for example, if written as permit In R1 to the and do a summary, as , if coupled summary-only keyword, two details will be suppressed by inhibiting a bar if you want to cancel the details of a neighbor, Such as , then Exit r >i1.1.1.0/24 Configure the SVI interface corresponding to the VLAN . The AD value of is adjusted to be larger than OSPF , for example 130 . So the configuration is as follows: *Mar 4 07:02:23.473: DHCPD: relay information option exists, but giaddr is zero. from ( Send Keepalive bag Message interaction process Switch(config)# ip default-gateway !! Set the gateway for the access switch itself Ip route Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal, r RIB-failure, S Stale Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete The configuration of R3 is as follows: R1 and R2 run IBGP , use LOOPBACK as the update source, and refer to neighbors . R2 and R3 are EBGP relationships. R3 announces into BGP , and configures next-hop-self for R1 on R2 . Port-Security supports activation on the trunk configured as follows Community Aggregator ? When R2 Router(config-router)# passive-interface int- type int-num basic concept We restore the experimental environment to the basic configuration: BGP neighbor relationships are as follows SW2(config-if)# ip address Router bgp 64513 * i When a BGP route is sent from the group members of the cluster to the RR , RR Finally note: OSPF re-advertises routes to IBGP Interface loopback0 DNS , WWW , and SMTP servers belong to the same subnet Some IOS does not support the neighbor R3 filter-list 1 weight command. When a router is directly connected through a point-to-point link, only one neighbor exists on each interface. The configuration of R3 is as follows: Process exchange 100 Family Identifier ) Host address. When a data frame is sent from the Hybrid port, the switch determines whether the attribute of the VLAN on the port is Untag or Tag . If it is Untag ,ccnp switch pdf, first strip the VLAN tag of the frame and then send it ; if it is a Tag , send the frame directly. PS : In Ethernet, due to the conflict, two hosts on the shared medium send frames at the same time , which will cause conflicts. According to a specific algorithm, the minimum length of a frame in Ethernet is 64 bytes. Management VLAN in a Layer 3 switch environment Route-map WT2 permit 20 match ip address prefix-list 2 set weight 200 Looking at the BGP table of R4 , we find that: Neighbor send-community DoS attack. Then it is recommended to limit the ARP message threshold on the interface . Network mask Ip community-list ? Neighbor length The configuration of R1 is as follows: Of course, the subnet can be further subnetted to get or even , then if these prefixes exist, when I am going to find , who's What is the highest match? Obviously, is the host prefix of , or host routing? This is the longest match principle . Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path Neighbor prefix-list 11 out Tag rewrite with Fa0/0,, tags imposed: {} 200 i RouterA passes the route to C , and the NEXT_HOP remains unchanged. Ip prefix-list 1 permit ip prefix-list 2 permit route-map LP permit 10 ! RFC2080 No need to connect directly. Only TCP connectivity is required. Maximum-paths 2 Consider a simple model: Number of messages waiting to be sent to the neighbor in the outQ queue Dialer Dialer interface Switch(config-if)# switchport mode dynamic {auto | desirable} Router# sh ip bgp summary 2 : RIP-2 . The default priority is 32768, and the range is 0-65535 . The first 4 bits are the priority . The last 8 bits are used as the system id . The smaller the better , the multiple of 4096 . None Risk of routing policy configuration loss 16 bits BackboneFast After PK , there is no doubt that the default route pointing to telecommunications appears in the routing table, and points to the default route of the education network, "wacky" to hide. When the default route to the telecom is invalid, it disappears from the routing table. At this time, the default route to the education network is "floated". ? IP routing table ( IP Routing the Table ) Show ip bgp on R3 The buddy first introduced the above network environment. This Nima is a fairly classic case. OR1 and OR2 are the egress routers of the network, which are respectively connected to the egress lines of Netcom and telecommunications. PAT is implemented on both egress routers , so that intranet users can access the extranet. In addition to OR1 , Redirection enabled 100 For specific supported equipment, see the official CISCO documentation. Path OSPF and IBGP route re-release Via, FastEthernet1/0, 0 dependencies RFC1721 BGP re-released to IGP In BGP , the network command has nothing to do with which interfaces BGP runs. Just inject a local network into BGP . This route is called reliable. Only the route exists in the router's routing table (not B ). It is possible for the network segment in BGP to pass the route entry to the BGP neighbor. It is important to note that the network can only effectively inject non- B routes that exist in the routing table . If I have a local the Loopback , and I BGP in Network 4.0.0.

ccnp switch pdf

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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