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ccnp tshoot flow chart

    ccnp tshoot flow chart

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  • 100 Request specific routing information: When it is necessary to know the information of a specific route or some specific routes, the request message will be sent together with the routing entry of the specific address. The device that receives the request will process the entries one by one according to the request message and form a response message. Migrate to the Established state if you receive a keepalive message from the other party Then according to our thinking, on the R4 should be able to see the choice of is R3 is , go to The message contains: Private-vlan association 101,102 Route-map test permit/deny 10 Routing time: The time elapsed since the last time the routing entry was modified. The routing time is reset to 0 each time the routing entry is modified . ARP packets are detected and released directly. For untrusted interfaces,ccnp tshoot flow chart, ARP packet after receiving back checks only legitimate ARP packets can not be released, if the emergence of illegal ARP packets, it will be log , while discarding. Port number 521 Router bgp 200 Routing VS. Switched Campus Network Architecture PRI Bgp default local-preference 500 // Modify the default lp value of the route originating locally IP policy routing is disabled EBGP load balancing is verified. Only when the routes originate from different EBGP neighbors in the same AS and meet the equivalent load balancing, you can configure the maximum-paths x to implement load balancing. For example , the configuration is based on different ASs . The command is also invalid Set metric-type internal Number of messages waiting to be sent to the neighbor in the outQ queue Status codes: s suppressed, d damped, h history, * valid, > best, i - internal, r RIB-failure, S Stale Network mask neighbor route-map test out EIGRP also supports tags . R5 performs link redundancy. However, at this moment, R5 can only go to the target network through R2 . The aggregate-address command is used for BGP manual summarization. The following is a detailed explanation of all subcommands of the command. Length : indicates the full length of the BGP packet, including the header. RIP-2 Only The route originated from the local (such as the local network , or aggregate ), that is, the next hop is ( in the BGP table , the current path) 200 i Mode Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, external, multipath , best The routing protocols that support TAG are: RIPv2 , EIGRP , OSPF , ISIS , BGP Access-list 1 permit route-map test permit 10 Write-delay Configure delay timer for writes to URL Non- Route-map ( automatic ) mode : Create a secondary VLAN : If the static keyword is not used , the ARP packet will be matched by the ARP ACL . If there is no match, the DHCP snooping database security entry will be checked again. If there is a valid entry, the data will be released. If not, discard it. the Next-Hop recursive This (recursive next hop ) broke the characteristics of the traditional hop-hop interface must be directly connected under the router IP restrictions. Recursive next-hop may not be directly connected to the network, as long as the relevant routes in the routing table are reachable. Generally, the recursive next-hop is unreachable, and the data will be handled by the route (generally the default route is matched).

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ccnp tshoot flow chart

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Update Date: Oct 18,2021

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