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ccnp tshoot exam

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Jan 27,2022

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ccnp tshoot exam

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    ccnp tshoot exam

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  • The default bridge priority of the switch is increased to a higher value than the default ( 32768->49152 ) so that the switch does not become Root. 100 i Match ip next-hop matches the next hop address to those allowed in a particular access list EtherChannel supports load balancing in the same port-channel link Distribute-list 1 in Neighbor send-community neighbor route-map test out When a router connects through a multi-access medium such as Ethernet, a dynamic mechanism is needed to discover each other, such as ARP . ARP can map Layer 2 addresses to IP . If it is a frame relay multipoint link, the adjacency relationship can be learned by using an address resolution protocol, a mapping table,ccnp tshoot exam, and the like. Know (configuration is only done on the RR ). Note that the RR only advertises or reflects the best path it knows. *>i100.0.1.0/24 As we R3 on the RIP routes injected into OSPF marked the Tag 1111 , then the next Then, if an OSPF process (this sentence may not be rigorous, everyone understands what I mean), the route can not be summarized, such as the following figure. Route-map test permit 10 match interface Serial0/0 router ospf 1 100 (metric 129) from ( Similarly, if ip route null0 is the same. R4#sh ip b The Layer 2 switch searches for VLAN configuration information based on the destination MAC address and VLAN ID of the frame, and determines from which port the frame is sent out. Peer using Route-map in the case of ) : Ip helper-address command can configure the first to receive client broadcasts emanating discovery on the interface that three packets, after the broadcast DHCP messages will be relayed to unicast packets, is to take the IP routing It is. Ip address Whether the MAC correspondence is legal These two types of MACs are integrated in the network card. When the network card is initialized, the auto-negotiation is generally performed. The operation mode is determined according to the result of the auto-negotiation, and then the corresponding access MAC is selected according to the operation mode . Baby giant frame is larger than the standard MTU 1500 bytes, but less than 2000 bytes The LP field is all there, but it will assign a default value to this route locally, which is 100 , and then pass it to its own IBGP. The configuration of R5 is as follows: Match ip address prefix-list 11 set community 100:11 FastEthernet1/0 If R1 R2 is established between EBGP neighbor relationship, because EBGP establish neighbor relations will check direct route, and the default TTL = 1 , and 802.3 uses the length field, but the Ethernet frame uses the type field to identify the protocol at the network layer. In an Ethernet II frame, a two-byte type field is used to identify the higher layer protocol contained in the data field, that is, this field tells the receiving device how to interpret the data field. Incomplete ? Learned from other sources (confirm that the source of the route is incomplete), the re-routed origin is the tag Bgp deterministic-med Network Mode Spanning-tree features 201 A route-map defined on the interface . In this way, only the PBR action will be performed on the traffic entering the interface . The traffic originating from this device is invalid. Note that the neighbor filter-list x weight yyy command can be used multiple times for a neighbor, that is, set different weights for different routes . But the neighbor filter-list 1 command, in the same neighbor in or out direction, can only be used once, these two commands are very different 3 jumps. ...... Synthesis example 2 : For example, the following three types of point-to-point transmission services: We restore the experimental environment to the basic configuration: BGP neighbor relationships are as follows The larger the Local_Pref , the higher the priority This feature uses the CDP table of the device to determine the reachability of the next hop. Clear ip bgp soft in // Inbound soft reset, locally send route-refresh to all BGP neighbors ? Set ip next-hop ip1 Set ip next-hop ip2 A VLAN divided into several separate VLAN , the VLAN use the same IP network segment. 13 Private-vlan mapping add 101,102 SA sends the original switch MAC of the frame On Routing. So go to both network segments and go to R1 . So if we want to go to and take R3 , so that these two destinations can be diverted? We can choose to route the source from in the EIGRP process of R2 . 120 Configure the maximum number of secure addresses allowed for Port-Security . Matches the preceding character 0 times or 1 occurrences About recursion of routes COMMUNITY Switch(config)# mac address-table static machine mac interface vlan vlan number to cancel with no mac address-static ...... In the above figure, R1 and R3 will update routes and to R2 . Of course, by default, R2 is definitely the preferred EIGRP. [Experiment 1 ] There is a main class route; there is a default route, and the main class route is taken. ? Network mask BPDUguard Then when PC1 receives this Gratuitous ARP , because the senderIP conflicts with itself, then a bubble pops up locally (if it is 200 201 300 : 000a.8a07.8280 PVLAN considerations description Maximum frame: 1518+4=1522 Each cluster contains a reflector and its client S uppercase S , stale , indicating expired routes Redistribute connected subnets redistribute rip metric 10 subnets network area 0 Let 's take a look at the features of BackboneFast : Neighbor update-source loopback 0 // Specify the update source as loopback0 BGP table version is 1, local router ID is Network mask Send TCP packet In R3 and R5 between increasing an IBGP connection, thus R3 and R5 of BGP routes do not need to pass by R4 (albeit over a packet still R4 forwarding, but R4 terms, R3 passed to R5 of these packets, Just an ordinary IP message). It should be noted here that BGP is different from IGP . IGP is like OSPF . To establish a neighbor relationship, two routers need to be directly connected. BGP does not need to be directly connected because it is a connection established based on TCP .

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