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ccnp 300-135 vce

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

Free Cisco Written Dumps
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    ccnp 300-135 vce

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  • R2(config)# access-list 1 deny R2(config)# access-list 1 permit any R2(config)# router ospf 1 Authentication Interface fast0/0 CISCO private, the scope of this router is (not passed), this value will not be included in the update message, nor will it be passed to any Router bgp 123 OSPF TAG Overview AS_PATH ). This can lead to loops. The solution is to set the AS_PATH keyword to restore the AS attribute when C publishes the summary route. At this time,ccnp 300-135 vce, the summary route will declare AS_SET at the same time , and AS_SET is an unordered AS list, among which AS200 The information so that the B router receives this summary route and finds that the AS_SET has its own AS and therefore ignores the route.

ccnp 300-135 vce

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