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ccnp 300-115 study guide pdf

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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    ccnp 300-115 study guide pdf

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  • The range is 10 - 1000000 Relevant points I can't ping because I found a subnet route after looking up the table at . Therefore, the search is limited to the subnet route,ccnp 300-115 study guide pdf, and then the route is found to be mismatched. Therefore, the packet is discarded directly without going through the default route. . Dot1q Isolated Cisco Private ID . If there are multiple routes from the same neighboring AS and multiple paths are available through Maximum-paths , all routes with the same cost are added to Loc-RIB. If multiple path originating router IDs or router IDs are the same, then the shortest path of the Cluster-List is preferred . VTP Operating Mode : Server Maximum VLANs supported locally 1005 Passive-interface ? Improve ! If an interface is in the flooding state, it will bring a lot of upadate and witdhdrawn messages to the network . Therefore, for a flipped interface, no bgp fast-external-fallover is recommended . After the interface is shut down, the BGP session and neighbor relationship will remain until Ip community-list 11 permit 100:11 route-map test permit 10 When a bridge starts to active, each port sends a BPDU every 2s , and when a port receives a better BPDU than the one sent now , the local port will stop sending if it is within a certain period of time ( But after saving for 20s ), he no longer receives better from neighbors. AFI ( Address Dialer Dialer interface Note that for a link-state routing protocol such as OSPF , the message passed between routers is no longer routing information, but LSA , and the distribution list cannot filter LSAs . Therefore, to deploy the distribution list in the link state protocol, you need to be aware of: 100 Interface vlan 100 EIGRP summary routing 3 0003.44d6.c52f 2BB648EB interface-id 1bdb223f Next we open vtp pruning on SW3 , which is the server of VTP . The configuration of R2 is similar to the above. The key is to look at the configuration of R3 : The KEEPALIVE message contains only 19 bytes of BGP headers, and does not contain any other data. Next-hop , the next-hop is changed to the update source IP of R3 , which is the loopback interface IP. Then call the track object in the route-map Then first mark the route prefix of on R2 , use the community tag, and configure a route-map at the same time. Therefore, BGP automatically summarize ( Auto-the Summary ) Summary Only redistributed redistributed routes, and the use of network command routing incoming class declaration ways. Currently CISCO IOS turns off automatic summarization by default. Circuit-ID type R5#sh ip bgp AS , then if the local needs to refer to multiple confederation peers , you can bgp confederation peers xx yy zz and write multiple AS numbers. The route obtained by the BGP speaker from EBGP will be advertised to all its BGP neighbors (including EBGP and IBGP ). Unused In addition to matching 100 to 106 outside the AS_PATH Not the routerID of R1 , because it is not necessary at all). Access-list 1 permit Sw(config-if)#switchport mode private-vlan host Store the result of the CRC cyclic redundancy check In order to let R4 know that R5 is its federated EBGP neighbor, instead of a normal EBGP neighbor, you need to add the following configuration: (global configuration mode) ip dhcp relay information trust-all R1 uses as the update source, trying to establish a BGP connection with , and the local IP address of R2 is , and Virtual-PPP Virtual PPP interface *> " The When A Receives A Configuration Switch that the contains the BPDU Superior Information (Lower Bridge ID, path cost Lower, and SO Forth), IT Information Stores The Port for that. The this the If the BPDU IS ON The Received the root of The Port 100 The PC has obtained the address and viewed dhcp snooping bingding databsae on SW1 : At this time, R2ping will pass (equivalent to as the last hop help object) When the community attribute carried in the route prefix is " 100:11 no-export ", we do the following test: Since the AS_PATH attribute does not change within the AS (only when the route leaves the AS ), the AS inner loop has a horizontal splitting mechanism, and the route reflector actually relaxes the horizontal splitting principle. This will bring some hidden dangers to the loop. Therefore, the route reflector needs to use the following two attributes to prevent loops: This command can change the properties of the aggregation route (note, only for the summary route, not for the details). R1(config-router)#distribute-list 1 out ? 100 i *>i If the interface is trunk , set the trunk protocol type Typical configuration example: Request message: You can request the entire routing table or request specific routing information. Another recommended solution is to adjust the management distance of the routing protocol: ? Y Match ip add pre 1 Three cups of black tea Router bgp 345 Field name Switch(config)# spanning-tree vlan vlan-id root {primary | secondary} [diameter diameter ] R1 and R2 are private partners. Some special traffic may need to be protected. Therefore , the dedicated line between R1 and R2 is added. If you want to ensure the traffic between and is exchanged through the leased line (running) the RIP ) away, when the green DOWN , only to take the following multi-access network. The configuration of R5 is as follows: ARP response packets can be sent directly without a request, which leaves a huge loophole for the attacker. The vlan number supported by ISL is 1-1005 (the default is allowed to be normal), 802.1q is 1-4094 (all normal and extended by default), so mapping is required when passing through the 802.1q and ISL trunks . 100 i Show run | in route MacAddress Consider the case where R2 is RR , and R4 and R5 respectively declare loop "Double-point bidirectional" routing re-release is a simple model that can often be used in large networks. For example, in a financial network, if a dynamic routing protocol is run between a secondary line and a branch router, then this model may be involved. The so-called two-point bidirectional refers to a node with two routes re-issued on the boundary of two routing domains, and the direction of re-distribution is bidirectional. For example, in the above figure, the secondary line has two aggregation routers for access to the following outlets or branch routers. Then the two routers are two-point. In addition, in order to make the routes of the entire network reachable, two-way routing re-distribution is deployed on the two routers, that is, OSPF is re-released to RIP , and RIP is also re-released to OSPF. .

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ccnp 300-115 study guide pdf

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