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ccnp route 300-101 syllabus

CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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Exam Code: 300-101、300-115、300-135

Certification Provider: Cisco

Certification Exam Name:CCNP Routing and Switching

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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ccnp route 300-101 syllabus

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    ccnp route 300-101 syllabus

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  • Conditional delivery of default routes 100 Rl , R2 , R3 running the OSPF , R3 routing table is as follows: Next Hop R1(config)# access-list 1 deny R1(config)# access-list 1 permit any R1(config)# router ospf 1 from ( Preemption enabled, min delay 30 sec Active is local, weighting 100 Hostname R5 During the migration, the router running DUAL AS can establish EBGP with the external AS using both the primary AS and the secondary AS. MED : 150 These two types of MACs are integrated in the network card. When the network card is initialized, the auto-negotiation is generally performed. The operation mode is determined according to the result of the auto-negotiation, and then the corresponding access MAC is selected according to the operation mode . Run RIP between R1 and R2 (declare direct connection and their respective LOOPBACK ). At this time , the update package sent by R1 has the source address of . Neighbor remote-as 345 Set ip next-hop Match the previous character 0 or more times ACL 70 In the above figure, the configuration revision number of server and client is the same, but the vlan information is different. At this time, an error will be reported, prompting md5 digest checksum mismatch R5 sees the redundant path to the 100.0 network, the next hop is , and finally R5 prefers R2 as going to 100.0 8 Affect traffic 12 by modifying the LOCAL_PREF attribute : ccnp In this step, we run the BGP protocol on the above basis to complete the establishment of basic BGP neighbor relationships: To be a whole, that is, to see the cluster as a whole. R1 releases 10.0 ,ccnp route 300-101 syllabus, R2 releases 20.0 , and R3 issues 30.0 routes. Next, look at the different commands (keywords) configured on R2 . These BGP routes are learned by the specific router after the AS_PATH changes: Ip prefix-list 1 permit ip prefix-list 2 permit route-map LP permit 10 Sw(config-vlan)#private-vlan association 201,202 Bgp dampening network redistribute routing Sw(config)#vlan 202 100 Dynamic routing protocol port number or protocol number 7 This summary route generated locally is , NH= , weight= default value 32768 , origin=i . The detail route is marked as " s " and is therefore suppressed. RIP V1 supports a maximum of 6 and defaults to 4 equivalent load balancing. And does not support verification. V2 supports verification. r >i1.1.1.0/24 Configure an interface as a passive interface: Link-level data transmission: Receive data from the LLC sub-layer, attach the MAC address and control information, and send the data to the physical link; provide verification and other functions in this process. AS_Path If it is injected through the aggregate-address command, next-hop is equal to the update source IP of the summary router . ? Case PBR 88 BGP router identifier, local AS number 345 Then, if an OSPF process (this sentence may not be rigorous, everyone understands what I mean), the route can not be summarized, such as the following figure. In the full-duplex mode, the transceiver can be directly sent and received without pre-determining the busy state of the link. Identify the type of message: Ip route null0 DHCP configuration manual binding to read bindings from the network BGP Design and Implementation Recommended Reading BGP metric is set to IGP metric Network Default-metric x Authentication is identified by setting the address family ID field to all 1s ( 0xFFFF ). For different routing protocols, the corresponding AD values ​​are shown in the table below. This is a well-known convention: abbreviation 0 100 0 Route-map LP permit 20 match ip address pref 2 set local-preference 100 For more details on adjusting the AD value for various routing protocols , see the technical documents such as OSPF , EIGRP , and BGP for the passhot of Black passhot. Access-list 1 permit any route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 1 Observe for a while, what will happen to R2 ? Why is there such a failure? The configuration of R2 is as follows: Router os 1 (2) Declare the loop port Neighbor update-source Loopback0 no auto-summary Router rip B is RR , C and D are clients , BCD constitutes a route reflection cluster; a BGP route is advertised from C. Set the interface to nonegotiate and do not send DTP frames. If the configuration is non-negotiated, you must manually configure the interface mode as access. If an error occurs after receiving the open message, a Notification message is sent . If not Floating Static Routes View command: Show eth 1 summary / show ip route / show ip int brief SW1#show int trunk In a real network environment, we may encounter a situation where there are two or more routing protocols in a network environment, for example: Ip prefix-list 1 permit route-map test per 10 Must be a zero field. Origin codes: i - IGP, e - EGP, ? - incomplete C is directly connected, Serial0/0 CFI Redistribution between different OSPF processes Activates self-recovery of the err-disable interface due to arp-inspection violations . At this time, if another PC accesses the port, the port-security interface will receive a new data frame of the MAC address in the non-secure address entry , and the triggered violation action is given to the interface. Will be err-disable off. At the same time, a snmp trap message is generated . In addition, under the interface, the Security Violation Count will be incremented by 1. BGP routing table entry for, version 5 The so-called seed metric refers to when I use a route to re-publish from an external routing protocol to this routing protocol, if the metric of the route is not manually specified , the default metric is used . Look at the following table (the following table is a recognized default value that can be modified using the default-metric in the routing process ): If deterministic-med is turned on, the information of the route prefix is regrouped by AS. The following figure is the open message content of the negotiation capability parameter (note the ORF part) . Local-pref only affects the amount of traffic leaving the AS ( selecting a large LP value ) Ip address Second , select a root port on the non-root bridges SW2 and SW3 , as shown in the figure, because these ports reach the minimum overhead of SW1. Async Async interface Detailed rules RR self-originated route Port The EBGP route should be better. I saw R5 and went to see R3 : Please see the passhot of Black passhot" IPv6 Notes", visit for the latest version. Field name The BGP update is carried by the TCP protocol. The port number used is 179. Because BGP requires TCP , there must be a BGP peer . Gateway of last resort is to network ( assigned by the IEEE ), when this bit is 1 , it represents a locally local address in management (as in DECnet ). Ethernet always uses globally unique addresses. is directly connected, Serial0/1 Router ospf 1 R1 and R3 , R2, and R5 establish an EBGP neighbor relationship. Ip route It is recognized that the attributes must be followed, and the source of routing updates is clarified. When the number of prefixes received from the neighbor exceeds the maximum number 300 of 90% (default 75% ), generating a message log Experimental example: Calling in the distribution list The EBGP neighbor learns . The RIP management distance is 120 and the EBGP is 20. Therefore, EBGP routes are preferred . How to make R1 preferred RIP After receiving the BPDU packet, the interface will immediately switch to the err-disable state. 246 1 i Ip prefix-list 1 permit 86025 Prefix-list [ ] 100 100 i BGP table on R4 : Set ip default next-hop Port Security : Enabled Commands + Used for unidirectional link detection, mainly for fiber links. Devices that need both ends of the link support UDLD Milne 's packet was sent to Roo because he learned the wrong one. ip default-gateway 100 i Static route configuration 20 Configuration Revision 15 The configuration of R3 is as follows: Configuration and implementation 1) Clear the MAC entries learned from all interfaces except the one that received the TC BPDU . Although this action may cause a brief burst of flooding in the network, it is also beneficial to refresh the CAM table and clear the stale entries. Directional strategy. About route reflection clusters Show ip bgp Next, we SW2 on the vlan10 port removed, directly in fa0 / 2 on the no switchport access vlan If the route is passed from an IBGP neighbor and is introduced by the BGP router in the AS From the message we can see that the size of this IP packet is 1500 bytes. RIP and OSPF Test purpose: VTP pruning Metric Ip address The Fa0/0 interface is divided into two sub-interfaces, and the encapsulation protocol Dot1Q is configured . At the same time, the traffic is tagged with VLANs , so that a trunk is started between the switch and the router . The two sub-router interfaces are arranged two VLAN gateways in the IP , as VLAN user gateway. CASE2 : Network consolidation (same protocol or different protocols) Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 100, valid, internal, best Then the test lines will be powered up for detection. It is found that the 2nd and 3rd lines match, but the matching length of the 2nd line is the longest, so the final result: The KEEPALIVE message actually compensates for the defect that TCP cannot confirm the peer's survival. During the above events, the contents of the following fields will not change: Request the entire routing table: The request message contains a single route with an address family identifier field of 0 (address ) and a metric of 16. The device receiving the request will unicast it back to the requesting address. The entire routing table. BGP decision Network area 0 Switchport access vlan 10 interface fast0/24 Floating Static Routes [Note] If the interface is passive , but at the same time the network interface in the routing process, the interface will not attempt to send updates or establish neighbor relationships, but the network segment where it is located will still be declared into the routing process. VLAN field, 15 bits are currently used 10 th, then the support up to 2 of the 10 power = 1024 th VLAN This subnet has been successfully updated " " because it is the same as the main source of the R1 update source interface . Spanning-tree When a BGP router sends a route update to its EBGP neighbor, it cannot carry the LP attribute. The LP value of the EBGP route received by the peer is empty. R3 and R4 , R4 and R5 establish IBGP neighbor relationships, and R3 R4 R5 uses LOOPBACK as the update source and refers to the neighbor . should choose R5 , check out the BGP table of R4 : When a BGP router sends a route update to its EBGP neighbor, it cannot carry the LP attribute. The LP value of the EBGP route received by the other party is null (even the LP field is there), but it will assign a default to this route locally. Value, that is Flag: 0x860 Route tag: A tag that distinguishes between internal routing protocol routes and external routing protocol routes. will pass the default route of into RIP , and R2R3 will learn. Vlan 10 Edge port edge ports About UDLD Two routes, on R2 we introduce these two routes using re-release : Match ip add pre 1 Set comm-list del delete route-map test permit 20 "Double-point bidirectional" routing re-release is a simple model that can often be used in large networks. For example, in a financial network, if a dynamic routing protocol is run between a secondary line and a branch router, then this model may be involved. The so-called two-point bidirectional refers to a node with two routes re-issued on the boundary of two routing domains, and the direction of re-distribution is bidirectional. For example, in the above figure, the secondary line has two aggregation routers for access to the following outlets or branch routers. Then the two routers are two-point. In addition, in order to make the routes of the entire network reachable, two-way routing re-distribution is deployed on the two routers, that is, OSPF is re-released to RIP , and RIP is also re-released to OSPF. .

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