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ccnp routing and switching 300-101 pdf

ccnp routing and switching 300-101 pdf

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    ccnp routing and switching 300-101 pdf

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  • 14 BGP is designed to AS transfer routes between, so it is actually a hop AS . Neighbor send-community RouterID : Note that the as-path access-list is also implicitly rejecting all by default. The IP header is 20 bytes, the ICMP header is 8 bytes, and the ICMP data payload is 1472 bytes, which is exactly 1500 bytes. Therefore, on the CISCO IOS device, the size followed by the ping refers to the entire size of the outgoing IP packet. After R2 show run , I found: Router bgp 345 Reduce network migration time without disconnecting existing connections, and do not need to change device BGP configuration in large batches Another problem with proxy ARP (from TCP/IP routing technology volume one) Hostname R4 interface fa0/0 Weight IBGP neighbor Redistribute ospf 1 OSPF and IBGP route re-release Match ip address prefix-list 2 router bgp 100 Match x1 match x2 , x3 set Y meaning None | permit }} Ip address In the output of Show and more , you can use the pipe character | with a regular expression to filter the output. 100 i Neighbor table Note: If CDP- based detection and object tracking- based detection are applied, the latter is preferred. Show ip cef detail Exact match 100 None Show ip dhcp binding Show dhcp binding on DHCP server Neighbor remote-as 300 Ip helper-address ? Default route 1 Update message: contains the entire routing table, updated periodically Note the changes here: When R2 passes the route of 30.0 to R1 , the seconday AS number is no longer inserted . Sequence of next hops. The acceptable range is from 1 to 65535. Vlan 100 Route matching tool We still have to implement R4 access to network to go R1 , access network to go to R2 , this time we adjust MED , (empty), in other words, the MED will not be transmitted out of this AS None Interface vlan 100 IP routing troubleshootingOSPF . In this way, for R4 , it goes to , there is a sub-optimal path , that is, around the long way, take R2-R3-R3-R5 FastEthernet1/0 C Therefore: the route is redistributed into OSPF , the automatically inherit these external routes BGP 's A_PATH property, note that only inherit AS_PATH Then on R4 , you can only learn . Ok, then let's start the experiment below: At the same time, the two routes are marked in the BGP table: " *> ", indicating that the two routes are valid , and the best or optimal, best , so they will be passed to the IBGP neighbor of R3 . That is R4 Think of the route reflection cluster as a whole, then after C is passed to the RR , R3 ,ccnp routing and switching 300-101 pdf, R4 , and R5 establish IBGP full interconnection, and R3 R4 R5 uses LOOPBACK as the update source and refers to the neighbor . Aggregate-address attribute-map test // Associate route-map test works on aggregated routes MED attributes for routes published to the federation are retained throughout the federation Set interface priority, CISCO IOS default 128 ; CatOS default 32 The route to the nearest BGP NEXT_HOP route is the route with the smallest IGP metric to the next hop router. After the basic configuration is completed, the BGP table of R4 is as follows: Configure OSPF unicast updates: NEXT_HOP to , then if C is not on the router to the IP of PVC , will be a problem, so this should be taken into account. Gateway of last resort is to network Route-map test permit 10 match interface Serial0/0 router ospf 1 Then according to our thinking, on the R4 should be able to see the choice of is R3 is , go to 1 : RIP-1 ; A router that does not support the route reflector function can act as a single router cluster or as a client Configure this command. When routing, the router only compares all routing entries with the AS_CONFED_SEQ attribute. This command is used for federated routers, while weight and LP have higher priority than MED. Route-map test permit 10 The switch forwards the DHCP packets carrying the Option 82 information to the DHCP server. SW1 and SW2 are configured as VTP mode client ; SW3 is configured as VTP mode Server As shown above, the position of the line is 16+4=20 , so we get the summary address: , which is the most accurate summary address. " The When A Receives A Configuration Switch that the contains the BPDU Superior Information (Lower Bridge ID, path cost Lower, and SO Forth), IT Information Stores The Port for that. The this the If the BPDU IS ON The Received the root of The Port Hash Experimental description Configuration last modified by at 3-5-93 00:11:48 100 i In 802.1D , the TYPE field uses only the highest and lowest bits to indicate TC and TC acknowledgment, and RSTP extends this field: NEXT_HOP on shared Media (operation on shared media) No synchronization no auto-summary Metric LocPrf Weight MAC address Bind a mac address to an interface The MAC address pool of the CISCO CATALYST switch can hold up to 1024 addresses. The model of the switch determines the number of available MAC addresses . Not all Catalyst switches can support such multiple MAC addresses. BEGIN BGP based policy accounting on input is disabled BGP based policy accounting on output is disabled Hardware idb is FastEthernet0/0 Show ip b rib-failure Configuration example 2 : as-path access-list with route-map Example 2 of ip community-list (logical relationship): Access-list 1 permit any route-map PBR permit 10 match ip address 1 Multilink Multilink-group interface The longest match Network area 0 Network mask Precautions Complete the basic configuration PC1 to deceive PC2 , the package made by the tools, such as anysend like, send a ARP request broadcast, the ARP data of the Ethernet frame header, source MAC of PC1 of the MAC , the purpose of MAC full F. , The contents of that key ARP protocol packets Wen ( ARP body ), that is, after the contents of the data frame Ethernet frame header, this is the ARP real content, which may encompass the main elements are: the sender mac , sender IP , the recipient MAC and recipient IP . PC1 that issued ARP data frame, SENDER MAC for their MAC addresses, but SenderIP gateway IP i.e.192.168.0.

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CCNP Routing And Switching Written Dumps

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