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ccie security v5 ine videos download

ccie security v5 ine videos download

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CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Update Date: Mar 29,2023

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    ccie security v5 ine videos download

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  • Show ip route to view the current routing table to configure static routes : Reduce the send rate. byte-oriented protocol ( byte oriented protocol ) to mark the frame boundaries, the use of a user character Busy, a frame can be discarded. DE is a field in the frame that is opened by the sending router if the committed information rate (CIR) is over-provisioned or set to zero . The group members receive data from the source or near RP) . See RP (rendezvous point) . Nvram: non-volatile memory , power-off information will not be lost <-- user configuration <-- startup-config ram: random access memory , power-off information is lost <-- currently effective configuration <-- running-config Ip route Transport layer : reliable and unreliable transport services , retransmission mechanism . Segment NET / ADAPTIVE company in I991 co-founded the international organization, the organization for the development and promotion of the ATM standards-based technology implementation of the agreement. The ATM Forum relaxed the official standards developed by ANSI and ITU.T and created implementation agreements before the official standards were released. Non-designated port is placed in blocking state dedicatedline ( green ) do not share any bandwidth point to point connection. A(config-if)#ip rip authentication mode md5 ciphertext authentication Interface s 1 encapsulation frame-relay Frame Relay ( FR ) ----- the X.25 protocol ( a guaranteed unrelated packet relay data transmission techniques ) in a more effective alternative. Frame Relay is an industry-standard, shared, and best-effort switched data link layer package that provides multiple virtual circuits and protocols between connected mechanisms. It can be provided by a secondary router added to a remote network. BIP bit interleaved parity (Bit Interleaved Parity) ATM are used to monitor the link on the error Dynamic routing ( dynamic routing ) network revision. Also known as " adaptive routing " , this technology is self- Web specification. When no traffic is present. 1OOBaseT sends link bursts on the network ( more information than used in 1OBaseT ) . See 10BaseT , Fast Ethernet, and IEEE 802.3 . Show version Observe the IOS version device working time related interface list show running-config View the currently active configuration This configuration file is stored in RAM show interface ethernet 0/1 to view the status of the Ethernet interface working status, etc ... call priority ( call priority ) circuit switched system, the originating port to the priority of each definition, it ASICs for integrated circuit applications ----- used for the first 2 layer switches filtering decision. ASIC view The method of traffic. Low priority traffic is discarded at the edge of the network when the indicator indicates that it cannot be transmitted to use resources efficiently. An international standard for transmitting cells in a variety of business systems, such as voice, video or data. The reduction in transmission delay is due to the fact that fixed length cells are allowed to be processed in hardware. ATM is designed to enable high-speed transmission media ( such as SONET , show vtp status view VTP status Packet exchange. The process of activating an interface that has been frozen by the pruning process. It is initiated by an IGMP member report sent to the router . The client's local broadcast request is changed by unicasting the service to the server.convergence ( convergence ) Internet in all routers update their routing tables and create a consistent Configure a static default route to indicate which interface to send to the unknown network , which interface to send the packet R14 (config) #ip route bri 0 Frame-relay switching Source : It enables two socket (Socket) can be reliably performed between transactions, wherein a request for another execution of a given task and to report the results. ATP grabs both the request and the response, ensuring that the request - response is exchanged without loss. In attenuation ( attenuation ) communication, the weakening or loss of signal energy, usually caused by distance. OSPF and RIP . =========================================================== =============== A system developed to provide network security. See the authentication . Authorization and accounting frame types ( frame type ) the LAN in a frame is used to determine how to put on the local network. Ethernet B8ZS binary 8 replacement - a line coding, explained at the far end of the connection, when transmitting eight zeros continuously on the link of the T-1 and E-1 circuits, it uses a special Code replacement. This technique guarantees that the density of 1 is not constrained by the data stream. Also known as bipolar 8 zero replacement. Compare AMI . See ones density . Target : The location of the standard access control list application : the location of the access control list application that is applied to the interface that is closest to the target : the application is in the interface closest to the source, show ip interface serial 0, to view the configuration of the interface's acl . Sended and is not reliable. Compare connection-oriented . See virtual circuit . Please refer to the fourth part of the CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection : Classic Recommendations ; CCNA Professional English Vocabulary Collection Used to determine the duplex mode and speed that can be used. fragmentation ( segmentation ) when transmitting data on an intermediate medium can not support large network packet size, so AAL3/4 ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T , supporting connection-oriented and also support Mesh Full ( full mesh ) network topology, wherein each node to other network nodes or virtual physical 1. Add this interface to the rip process. 2. Advertise the network of this interface to other routers. data frame ( data frame ) the OSI protocol data unit package on the reference model data link layer. From the network layer Network Switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q need to choose which way [dot1q|isl] switchport mode trunk change interface mode to trunk work mode show interface trunk view current switch TRUNK configuration HDLC specifies a method of encapsulating data on a synchronous serial link and is the default for Cisco routers AppleShare and Mac OS file sharing allows users to share files and applications on the server. frame identification (frame tagging) ( frame identifier, frame flag ) the VLAN can span multiple connections Ip host Set static hostname mapping EGPs: External Gateway Routing Protocol , Maintaining Routes between Autonomous Systems 1. Router 2. Routing implementation path selection ( routing decision ). Routing Table 3. WAN access . 4. Router broadcast domain division ( interruption ). Telnet: Multi-person remote management ( depending on performance , number of VTY lines ). Not safe . Router rip selection rip as the routing protocol Transmission method. Use acknowledgments and flow control for reliable data transfer. Contrast connectionless . See virtual circuit . The path is activated on an analog modem. Set a user password or authentication protocol A (config) #inte s 1 enters s 1 interface Configure a password for the console port : =========================================================== =============== AppleShare and Mac OS file sharing allows users to share files and applications on the server. Address learning, forwarding filtering, etc. of the switch : Dynamic NAT configuration Busy, a frame can be discarded. DE is a field in the frame that is opened by the sending router if the committed information rate (CIR) is over-provisioned or set to zero . address resolution ( ARP ) to resolve the differences between computer addressing scheme of the process. Address resolution Neighbor indicates a specific neighbor AURP tunnel (AURP tunnel ) connection in an AURP WAN , which is physically divided into two Track all possible paths to a given destination. Also known as a full ring detection package. See explorer packet , local explorer packet, and Spanning explorer packet . congestion collapse ( congestion collapse ) the ATM results in the packet network due to retransmission, wherein little or no The ETA/TIA-232 circuit indicates the state in which the DTE sends or receives data ready. Interface s 1.??? point-to-point enables a peer -to- peer subinterface . ??? is the interface number . ip add configures the ip for the subinterface Vlan database enters the VLAN configuration mode of the VLAN Endpoint ATM (ATM endpoint ) beginning or end of an ATM network is connected. ATM endpoints include =========================================================== ================ Ppp authentication CHAP chooses to use CHAP for authentication [chap | pap] debug ppp authentication to debug PPP authentication . And the protocol to close the session and the sequential request. See ATP . Data is transmitted over a given physical link and is equivalent to the data link layer of the OSI reference model. DNS is associated. See DNS . Show ip route eigrp to see the best route for all EIGRP ( stored in the routing table ) =========================================================== =============== bursting ( burst ) Some technologies ( including ATM and FR ) are considered to be unexpected. This means the user all-routes explorer packet ( full routing packet detection ) a can pass over the entire SRB sounding packet network, Expansion ( competition ) directs compressed data through an algorithm that restores the information to its original size. Handshake ( handshake ) to ensure synchronous transmission of a series of operations exchanged between two or more devices on a network. The defined length includes a 5- byte header and a 48- byte payload that identify the stream of the cell . See It uses two pairs of twisted-pair cable (3 class 4 class or 5 classes ) ,ccie security v5 ine videos download, one pair for transmitting data to the other for receiving data. Session layer : Differentiate data from different applications . The operating system works on this layer of DATA LMI: Local Management Interface . Circuit Switching : PPP, HDLC, SLIP Interface serial 0 the adjacency ( abutting ) the relationship between the neighboring routers and end nodes use a common media segment established to EIGRP and OSPF . Show history view history command ( command just used recently ) The distance limit of each segment of 1OBaseT is about 100 meters. See Ethernet and IEEE 802.3 . =========================================================== ===================== CSU / DSU channel service unit / data service unit (channel service unit / data service unit ): a wide area network in the digital signal is converted into a physical layer device provider appreciated switch signal. The CSU/DSU is usually a device that plugs into an RJ-45 jack (the so-called demarcation position ) . the alignmentError ( alignment error ) Ethernet The error occurring in the network, the received frame in which the additional Configure terminal enters global configuration mode =========================================================== =============== B(config)#inte s 0 =========================================================== =============== frequency ( frequency ) number of cycles per unit time of the AC signal, in hertz ( cycles per second ) measurement. Copy running-config startup-config saves the current configuration concept : control direct VCC ( control direct VCC) ----- Phase I LAN emulation defined in one of three control connections, ATM by a LEG to a LES established bi-directional virtual control connection (the VCC) . See control distribute VCC . AS AS (autonomous system) a group of networks under the management of another, they share the same =========================================================== =============== =========================================================== =============== Cost ( cost ), also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, based on the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juices, A superset of the BootP protocol. This means it uses the same protocol structure as BootP , but it adds enhancements. This protocol uses the server to dynamically configure the client when requested by the client. The two main enhancements are the address pool and lease time. Passive-interface configures the corresponding interface to not send any notifications =========================================================== =============== Area ( Area -----) rather than physical segment of a set of logical ( based CLNS , DECnet , or OSPF) and their attached devices. Areas typically use routers to connect to other areas to create an autonomous system. See autonomous system . BISDN broadband TSDN (Broadband ISDN) ----- to manage high-bandwidth technologies ( such as video ) created ACL is the most important : The ACL condition list will have a condition of hiding " reject all " at the end . End the Back ( back-end ) a front-end node to provide services or software programs. See server . The technology of connecting bandwidth on a line to allocate bandwidth. See TDM , ATDM, and statistical multiplexing . explorer frame ( detection frame ) and the source-route bridging found to serve to bridge before a remote transmission Used to determine the duplex mode and speed that can be used. HDLC Advanced Data Link Control----- Use frame characters ( including checksums ) , Setup manually enter the setup configuration mode An OSI language and description method for data types . It is described by ISO International Standard 8824 . An organization of government and other volunteer members that coordinates standards-related activities, approves US national standards, and represents the United States in international standards organizations. ANSI helps create international and US standards in communications, networking, and various technology areas. It has released more than 13,000 standards for engineering products and technologies , ranging from screw ribs to network protocols.

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