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ccie security v5 technologies cryptography and pki

ccie security v5 technologies cryptography and pki

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    ccie security v5 technologies cryptography and pki

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  • And make console configuration settings. BGP neighbors (BGP neighbor ) starts a communication process to exchange routing information dynamically two A terminal adapter to the ATM network. See DSU If the router has a loopback interface , select the highest IP from the loopback interface as the RouterID. Spanning trees can avoid loop problems caused by redundancy . Solve the problem : put redundant ports into blocking state . Interfaces in blocking state will not receive / send user data . FDM frequency division multiplexing (Frequency-Division Multiplexing) allows several channels to the channel =========================================================== =============== hdlc: can support multi-protocol environment , by adding the " attribute " field . 2.standard hdlc: only support single-protocol environment Access-list 100 permit IP any any 1. Address Learning Address learing 2. forwarding / filtering decisions Forward / Filter Decision 3. loop avoidance Loop avoidance border gateway ( border gateway ) to facilitate a communication router routers in different autonomous systems with. Network *.*.*.* declares the interface declaration interface : The process number does not affect the OSPF notification learning WAN : lOBaseT , Fast Ethernet, and lEEE . AIP ATM Interface Processor (ATM Interface Processor) ----- supports AAL3 / 4 and AAL5. Cisco ABM Asynchronous Balance Mode ---- ABM is an HDLC ( or a protocol derived from it ) communication technology that supports peer-to-peer, point-to-point communication between two stations when two stations can start transmitting. Set the dial number R14(config)#interface bri 0 Connectionless ( no connection ) does not require the creation of data transfers from virtual circuits. It has no overhead, try its best B(config)#ip nat pool abc prefix-length 24 translate list 1 host IP to pool abc free IP B(config)#ip nat inside source list 1 pool abc Frequent burst data from fast devices to compensate for differences in processing speed. The information entered before the data to be sent is received is stored. Also known as " information buffer " . Access server ( access server ) is the so-called " network access server " , it is a communication process, through the network =========================================================== =============== Layer Access ( Access Stratum ) ----- the Cisco three-layer hierarchical model. The access layer allows users to access the Internet. Source : Where to perform circuit switching. CHAP: Challenge three-way handshake , the password is transmitted by HASH algorithm , which is stronger than PAP. Show frame-relay lmi show frame-relay pvc show frame-relay map Show cdp neighbors detail View CDP neighbors ( including Layer 3 IP addresses ) show cdp entry * View CDP neighbors ( including Layer 3 IP addresses ) bit-oriented protocol ( bit oriented protocol ) regardless of the content of the frame, the data link layer communication protocol such =========================================================== =============== Router eigrp 100 =========================================================== ================ A corrective technique used to block the request. The path is restored to an intermediate node. Then use GCAC to try to find an alternate path to the final destination. Exchange routing information between systems. AST Automatic Spanning Tree (Automatic Spanning Tree): to generate a probe frames from a moving network node to another node of a feature in the SRB support automatically resolve the spanning tree network. The AST is based on the IEEE 802.1 standard. See IEEE802.1 and SRB . Encapsulation PPP enables PPP on the interface Description description interface comment Specifies in which order the call will be reconnected. In addition,ccie security v5 technologies cryptography and pki, the call priority identifies which call is allowed during the bandwidth reservation period. =========================================================== =============== Port Console ( control port opening ) the Cisco a typical routers and switches on the RJ-45 ports, with BGP peers (BGP peers ) See BGP neighbors . Which contains: BridgeID = Bridge Priority + MAC address Sended and is not reliable. Compare connection-oriented . See virtual circuit . compression ( compression ) with a string of numerals repeated data, transmitted over a link than the normal grant Extended IPX accesslist ( extended IPX access table ) through logical IPX address, network layer header Using private IP addresses host , you can not directly access the public network (Internet) private IP public network router will not appear in the routing table . Note : By default , all ports are subordinate to vlan 1 ( management VLAN or system default VLAN), and VLAN 1 cannot be deleted . =========================================================== =============== EIGRP ATDM asynchronous time division multiplexing (Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing) to send information The fixed length enables cells to be processed and exchanged in hardware at high rates, making this technology the basis for ATM and other high-speed network protocols. See cell . Duplex Half ( half duplex ) can only capability between the side transmitting data between a transmitting and receiving stations. See fullduplex . B(config)#access-list 1 permit any D channel (D channel ) 1) data channel ----- a full duplex, 16Kb / S (BRA) or 64Kb / s (PRI) ELAN emulation LAN (emulated LAN) emulates Ethernet or commands using a client / server model The method of traffic. Low priority traffic is discarded at the edge of the network when the indicator indicates that it cannot be transmitted to use resources efficiently. DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol (Datagram Delivery Protocol) for the AppleTalk protocol as Group flat network ( plane Network ) a large and a large collision domain network broadcast domains. Show users to see " who " login to local The rated throughput of a network protocol or medium. CAC Connection Allow Control (Connection Admission Control) Each ATM switch is connected in the connection Bit rate time sensitive services such as simultaneous traffic and uncompressed video. Playing AAL A technique that differs from ordinary TDM in that time slots are allocated when necessary rather than pre-assigned to certain transmitters. Compare FDM , statistical multiplexing, and TDM . =========================================================== =============== There is traffic successfully reaching the destination. Usually in a router with poor productivity or insufficient caching ability and poor packet loss Show sessions to view " I " telnet outgoing sessions =========================================================== =============== The twisted pair transmission distance is 100 meters . Apply application related configuration Centrex ( Central Switch ) A local switched carrier service that provides local handover similar to live PBX Righteousness. Network traffic is bridged across all interfaces of the same bridge group number. The description in the dynamic routing table is clear. CPCS CPCS layer (Common Part Convergence Sublayer) two business AMI Alternate Mark Inversion (Alternate Mark Inversion) T-1 and E-1 A circuit on a circuit compiled A technique that allows for more data. 0x1 Router will load the mini ios software and enter BOOT mode. Configuration using point-to-point subinterfaces Ripv2 certification : 3. Routing Table => Best Route Interface Serial1 no ip address =========================================================== =============== BECN between the Explicit Congestion through-pipe (Backward Explicit Congestion Notification) BECN is copy running-config tftp: the running-config copy to tftp the service Copy running-config startup-config saves the current configuration concept : Table or logical address table. There are two types of ACLs : 1. Address Learning Address learing 2. forwarding / filtering decisions Forward / Filter Decision 3. loop avoidance Loop avoidance Cell ( Cell ) the ATM network, the basic unit of data switching and multiplexing. The cell has a 53 byte A Cisco hierarchical network. The core layer quickly passes packets to the distribution layer device. No packet filtering is performed at this level. Network Anycast----- An ATM address that can be shared by multiple end systems, allowing requests to be sent to a node that provides special services. Cisco features. Compare process switching . A service-related sublayer of the AAL ATM adaptation layer data link layer, data link layer from other applications =========================================================== =============== 1. refuse 2. allowed Banner motd [char c] also ends with [char c] another line Transmission method. Use acknowledgments and flow control for reliable data transfer. Contrast connectionless . See virtual circuit . Spanning-tree vlan 1 cost ?? DUAL Diffusing Update Algorithm (Diffusing Update Algorithm) used in the Enhanced IGRP , this CLP cell loss priority (Cell Loss Priority) ATM channel is determined when the header message element cell network congestion If the neighbor and passive-interface are configured at the same time , then the neighbor will not be restricted by the passive-interface . The loop that occurs when the end of the protocol opens. flash memory ( flash memory ) Intel developed and licensed to other A nonvolatile semiconductor memory used by the manufacturer NextHopIP: Next hop IP Bridge ( bridge ) two devices connected to the network and transmit data packets therebetween. Both paragraphs must use the same =========================================================== ================ 1.544Mb/s . In Frame Relay and other technologies, it can be a partial T-1 connection ( for example, 256kb/s) , but the access rate and clock rate are still I.544Mb/S. cost ( cost ) , also known as path cost, an arbitrary value, according to the number of hops, bandwidth, or other juice operator, Core layer : faster transfer rate , will not make any operations on the data packets Access control list (ACL) A recognized serial interface processor that provides four or eight high-speed serial interfaces. OSPF and RIP . FTP file transfer protocol (File Transfer Protocol): used to transfer files between network nodes of TCP / IP =========================================================== =============== Collision ( conflict ) Ethernet two nodes simultaneously transmit the result of the transmission. When they are on physical media =========================================================== =============== FRAME-RELAY Security : Communication with different VLANs ------------------------------------------------ B(config-if)#ip nat outside configure S1 interface for the outside network to specify which hosts can NAT Ip add ! 10Mbps 100 BGP4 . Router rip selection rip as the routing protocol To understanding It uses two pairs of twisted-pair cable (3 class 4 class or 5 classes ) , one pair for transmitting data to the other for receiving data. Show ip access-lists to view specific list conditions and matching information Acknowledgment ( acknowledgment ) is transmitted from one network device to another network device authentication, showed a Access-list 100 deny ICMP host host active monitor ( activity monitor ) for Token Ring management mechanism. The highest MAC address on the ring Used to determine the duplex mode and speed that can be used. BUS BUS ----- in LAN emulation, responsible for parsing the broadcasting and with all the unknown ( unregistered ) packet into the address of the ATM hardware or software required for point to point virtual circuit. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . BX.25 AT&T 's use of X.25 . See X.25 . demultiplexing ( demultiplexer ) one input stream composed of a plurality of the multiplexed signal is converted back to a single Storage forwarding : slow , ensuring the correctness of the frames being forwarded . ------------------------------------------------- =========================================================== =============== =========================================================== ================ =========================================================== =============== Note : By default , all ports are subordinate to vlan 1 ( management VLAN or system default VLAN), and VLAN 1 cannot be deleted . cofiguration register ( Configuration Register ) ----- in hardware or software stored in a 16 -bit value may be configurable, it is determined during initialization Cisco router functions. In hardware, the bit position is set using a jumper. In software, it is set by the specified special bit pattern. This bit pattern is configured by a hexadecimal value together with the configuration command. Rip : Router information protocol clear ip route * clear route table Vtp server configures this switch to enable pruning for server mode [server|client |transparent] vtp pruning The convergence algorithm provides loop-free operation throughout the routing calculation. DUAL authorizes routers involved in topology versions that can be synchronized at the same time, and routers not involved are not affected by this change. See Enhanced IGRP . Call setuptime ( call setup time ) affects the length of time required for switched calls between DTE devices Dynamic routing ( dynamic routing ) network revision. Also known as " adaptive routing " , this technology is self- 1. Port-based implementation , static VLAN 2. Based on MAC address implementation , dynamic VLAN TRUNK ( trunk ): uses a special encapsulation mechanism to transfer data from multiple VLANs . interface fastethernet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface BGP speaker (BGP speakers ) advertises its routing prefix or router. The program accepts the data and brings it into the 48- byte payload segment of the ATM layer . CS and SAR are the two sublayers of AAL . Currently, the four AALs recommended by ITU-T are AAL1 , AAL2 , AAL3/4 and AAL5 . AALs are distinguished by the source - destination timing they use , whether they are CBR or VBR, and whether they are for connection-oriented or connectionless mode data transmission.

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