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cisco ccie security lab topology

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cisco ccie security lab topology

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CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

Certification Provider: CiscoCisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Dec 08,2021

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    cisco ccie security lab topology

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  • 4. Ways of notification : Unicast & Multicast control direct VCC ( control direct VCC) ----- Phase I LAN one of three emulation control connection defined in the ATM by \ a LEG to a LES established bi-directional virtual control connection (the VCC) . See control distribute VCC . Packaging method. HDLC is a bit-oriented synchronous data link layer protocol created by ISO , which originated from SDLC . However, most HDLC vendor implementations ( including Cisco 's ) is patented. See SDLC . Connector type : BNC interface , AUI interface , RJ45 interface ,cisco ccie security lab topology, SC/ST interface Access layer : Provides network access points , and the corresponding device ports are relatively dense . Main devices : switches , hubs . Designated router (DR , designated router ) creates an OSPF for the LSA for a multiaccess network 1. The content of the announcement : a copy of the routing table (copy) 2. The time of the announcement : periodicity 3. The object of the announcement : the directly connected neighbor router 5.ExChange 6.Loading 7.Full Virtual circuits in the network. 3. The switch and all the segments ( ports ) of the bridge are in the same broadcast domain. Coaxial cable classification for signaling. Compare baSeband . Data link layer : AppleShare and Mac OS file sharing allows users to share files and applications on the server. Ip route (Destnation Network IP) (NetMask) [NextHopIP | LocalInterface] Destnation Network IP: Target Network IP bridge. The bridge ID is a combination of bridge priority and base MAC address. Busy, a frame can be discarded. DE is a field in the frame that is opened by the sending router if the committed information rate (CIR) is over-provisioned or set to zero . Bandwith on demand (BoD , bandwidth on demand ) This feature allows an additional B channel to be used for IGRP is a distance vector type routing protocol that does automatic route summarization . There is no way to turn off this feature . Bandwith on demand (BoD , bandwidth on demand ) This feature allows an additional B channel to be used for Set a user password or authentication protocol the Authorization ( authorization ) based on the AAA model of identity to allow access to a resource behavior verification. BGP neighbors (BGP neighbor ) starts a communication process to exchange routing information dynamically two Network The PPP protocol is defined in RFC 1378 . See PPP . classful routing ( hierarchical routing ) does not transmit the subnet mask information when sending routing update routing IGRP configuration DNS Domain Name System (Domain Name System) is used to resolve host names to IP addresses. Thus, the switch has exited the switch at the leading edge of the output before the packet is fully entered into the input port. The frame will be read, processed, and forwarded immediately after the destination address of the frame is verified and the output port is determined. The other party does not have no shutdown to activate the port. Cisco layered network. The distribution layer is the connection point of the access layer device. Routing is done at this level. broadcast domain ( Radio City ) receiving apparatus of any broadcast frame sent from a device in the device group =========================================================== =============== AFP AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AppleTalk Filing Protocol) a presentation layer protocol support ATP AppleTalk transaction protocol (AppleTalk Transaction Protocol) a transport layer protocol, 8 bits are used to define the network, and 24 bits are used to define hosts on the network. Target : Interface serial 0 =========================================================== =============== Interface Serial1 no ip address classful routing ( hierarchical routing ) does not transmit the subnet mask information when sending routing update routing Authorityzone ( authority zone ) part of the domain tree, the domain name tree and a name server are authoritative Topology Bus ( bus topology ) a straight LAN off-line structure, wherein transmission from each station on the network The CISCO 1900 series switches use free shard forwarding to forward this forwarding method by default. DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier (Data-Link Connection Identifier) for identifying FR =========================================================== =============== Signal transmission. Ethernet link overhead: Create a VLAN access method ( access method ) network devices gain network access Wan style. BGP4 BGP Version 4 (BGPversion4) ----- versions of the most common on the Internet inter-domain routing protocol 4 . Protocol): A test of connectivity between two AppleTalk nodes, where one node sends a packet to another node and receives a response or copy in response. OSPF and RIP . 1. Static NAT 2. Dynamic NAT 3. PAT There is traffic successfully reaching the destination. Usually in a router with poor productivity or insufficient caching ability and poor packet loss Flash ( flash )----- Electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) . Used by default to save CiscoIOS on the router . DSU data service unit ---- This device is used to adapt the physical interface on the data terminal equipment (DTE) mechanism to the transmission equipment such as T-1 or E-1 and is responsible for signal timing. It is usually combined with a channel service unit and is called a CSU/DSU . See CSU . Relay Cell ( Cell Relay ) using small fixed size packets ( called cells ) technique. Their solid AURP AppleTalk is based on the AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol, a technology for encapsulating AppleTalk traffic in the header of an external protocol. Ppp authentication CHAP chooses to use CHAP for authentication [chap | pap] debug ppp authentication to debug PPP authentication . Programs ( such as email or file transfers ) to provide services. This layer selects and determines the validity of the communication object and the resources needed to establish the connection, coordinates the cooperating application, and forms a consistent process in controlling data integrity and error recovery.

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