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ccie security lab equipment and software v5.0

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    ccie security lab equipment and software v5.0

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  • ATMM was ATM management (ATM Management) in ATM a protocol running on the switch tube destination address ( destination address ) receiving a data packet network device address. Link state type routing protocol: Vtp server configures this switch to enable pruning for server mode [server|client |transparent] vtp pruning GMII dry megabits MII (Gigabit MII): providing a data transmission . 8 -bit Media Independent Interface. The process of packaging or inclusion. In the OSI reference model, when data flows down the protocol stack, each layer encapsulates its next layer. The amount of time. By default, the cdp timer is 90 seconds. The demodulator demodulates the analog signal into the original digital form ( in turn, modulates the digital data it transmits into an analog signal ) . See modulation . The path is activated on an analog modem. Create a standard 5 sub-section ATM cells. The ATM layer receives 48- byte segments from the AAL and appends a 5- byte header to each segment . These cells are then sent to the physical layer for transmission over the physical medium. See AAL . Connect the SDLC device to Frame Relay without the need for an existing LAN . It is also possible to upgrade to a full-featured multi-protocol router. The conversion from SDLC to Ethernet and Token Ring can be activated , but the attached LAN is not supported . See FRAD . A method of maintaining framing on an interface (T-3 or E-3 circuit ) . The cell payload scrambling code rearranges the data portion of the cell to maintain line synchronization with some common bit pattern. ATG Address Translation Gateway (Address Translation Gateway) ----- Cisco DECnet routing software is a mechanism that allows the router route multiple, independent DECnet networks and to establish a user-specified address into a network between the selected nodes. =========================================================== =============== The credibility value of the source. The smaller the value, the higher the level of constitutionality Bits are used to define the network and 16 bits are used to define hosts on the network. Router rip selection rip as the routing protocol =========================================================== =============== Configure terminal enters global configuration mode OSPF only supports IP network environments and only supports equivalent load balancing. lOBaseT , Fast Ethernet, and lEEE . Extended IPX accesslist ( extended IPX access table ) through logical IPX address,ccie security lab equipment and software v5.0, network layer header =========================================================== =============== When to disconnect Network Target : Duplex Auto ( automatic duplex ) of a layer and 2 a device layer disposed on, it automatically switches provided =========================================================== =============== Setup Call ( call setup ) how to define the source and destination devices transmit data to each other handshaking scheme. Provide timing. 1OOBaseT is based on the IEEE 802.3U standard, 1OOBaseT is a baseband fast Ethernet using UTP wiring 1. Standard Access Control List 1-99, 1300-1999 2. Extended Access Control List 100-199, 2000-2699 ATMM was ATM management (ATM Management) in ATM a protocol running on the switch tube 8 bits are used to define the network, and 24 bits are used to define hosts on the network. Autoreconfiguration ( automatic reconfiguration ) token ring domain failure of a process performed by the node, Protocols : TCP Equipment and Tnter have jointly improved. Ethernet is similar to the TEEE802.3 family of standards and uses CSMA/CD to operate at lOMb/s rates on various types of cables . Also known as DIX (Digital/Intel/Xerox) Ethernet. See 10OMb/S baseband Fast Ethernet specification. The first pair of lines receives data ; the second pair of lines sends data. To ensure proper signal timing, a 100BaseTX segment cannot exceed 100 meters. show flash: view flash in the IOS file CTD Cell Transfer Delay (Cell Transfer Delay) for ATM a given connection is used in the source 1. Neighbor table => all neighbors Frame-relay route 110 interface Serial1 120 delay ( delayed ) once buried Office from the beginning to the sender when they receive a response elapsed between the first R6(config)#interface ethernet 0 end-to-end VLANs ( end the VLAN) ----- across the switch fabric (switch-fabric) from end to end B(config)#inte s 1 FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (fully qualified domain name) in the DNS for the domain structure due to The over rate is the maximum rate minus the insurance rate. Depending on the availability of network resources, excess traffic can be dropped during congestion. Contrast maximumraten There is traffic successfully reaching the destination. Usually in a router with poor productivity or insufficient caching ability and poor packet loss connection-oriented ( connection-oriented ) to establish a virtual circuit data before any data transmission An organization of government and other volunteer members that coordinates standards-related activities, approves US national standards, and represents the United States in international standards organizations. ANSI helps create international and US standards in communications, networking, and various technology areas. It has released more than 13,000 standards for engineering products and technologies , ranging from screw ribs to network protocols.

CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

Certification Provider: CiscoCisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Sep 16,2021

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ccie security lab equipment and software v5.0

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