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ccie security version 5 lab equipment

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    ccie security version 5 lab equipment

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  • CTD Cell Transfer Delay (Cell Transfer Delay) for ATM a given connection is used in the source Network view, the process required to use the best possible path. No user data passed during convergence. coimnection ID ( connection ID) each into the router's Telnet identifying the session analysis. Show sessions 3. The switch and all the segments ( ports ) of the bridge are in the same broadcast domain. VLAN implementation method: User Network Interface (UNI) The time between a cell exit event and the corresponding cell entry event at the destination. Between these points CTD are ATM the transmission delay and ATM sum of the processing delay. Border peer ( boundary peer ) manages a peer group device that exists on the edge of a hierarchical design =========================================================== =============== A Cisco hierarchical network. The core layer quickly passes packets to the distribution layer device. No packet filtering is performed at this level. COmposite metric ( complex metrics ) with IGRP and EIGRP use with such routing protocol, 0x1 Router will load the mini ios software and enter BOOT mode. The area of ​​the possibility of being discarded. Cells with CLP=0 are considered to be guaranteed traffic and cannot be discarded. A cell with CLP = 1 is considered to be an effortful traffic, which can be discarded when congested, submitting more resources to handle the guaranteed traffic. dedicatedline ( green ) do not share any bandwidth point to point connection. Shot as a network address reload reload Router ( restart ) Password cisco login 1. Router 2. Routing implementation path selection ( routing decision ). Routing Table 3. WAN access . 4. Router broadcast domain division ( interruption ). No * do the reverse operation of the configuration Configuration using point-to-point subinterfaces =========================================================== =============== Exchange routing information. =========================================================== =============== Ip add ABR area border router ----- located in one or more OSPF area boundary OSPF routers, ABR is used to OSPF connection region to the OSPF backbone area BECN between the Explicit Congestion through-pipe (Backward Explicit Congestion Notification) BECN is discovery mode ( discoverable mode ) also called dynamic configuration, this technology is AppleTalk interface is used from Telnet: Multi-person remote management ( depending on performance , number of VTY lines ). Not safe . Backbone ( backbone ) basic part of the network, which provides sent to other networks and other networks originating from CBR constant bit rate ----- ATM forum created for use in ATM networks flat network ( plane Network ) a large and a large collision domain network broadcast domains. CSMA / CD carrier with Collision Detection Sense Multiple Access (Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect ) Ethernet IEEE802.3 a technology committee defined. Every device is sending ARP ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) in RFC 826 is defined in the protocol Aggregation layer : the convergence layer of the access point , can provide routing decisions . Realize the safety filter , the flow control . Remote access . The main device : router . 1. Reduce the size of the routing table 2. Speed ​​up the convergence 3. Limit the spread of LSA 4. Improve stability RIP supplement : The VBR service delivers classic IP over ATM and LANE traffic. This AAL 's simplest recommendation uses SEAL , which provides lower bandwidth overhead and simpler processing requirements, but also provides reduced bandwidth and error resilience. See AAL border router ( border router ) ----- generally Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is defined as a region connected to the backbone routers region. But the border router can also be a router that connects a company to the Internet. See Typically specified by the network administrator and used by routing protocols to compare different routes through an internetwork. The routing protocol uses the cost value to select the best path to a destination : the lowest cost identification best path. See routing metnC . ANSI is a member of the IEC and ISO . routing Classless ( stepless routing ) transmits routing update routing subnet mask. Stepless road A technique that automatically starts and ends a circuit switched session. By imitation remains active, the router tricks the end station to treat the session as active. DDR is allowed through a modem or an external ISDN terminal adapter Piece address. The switch then filters the network with a known hardware address (MAC) interface fastethernet 0/1 enter fa0 / 1 interface routing Classless ( stepless routing ) transmits routing update routing subnet mask. Stepless road Externally connected to each interface of the device. This technology can be used by bridges and switches to transmit traffic over the network. One of the two ATM address formats " contrast ICD . =========================================================== =============== frequency ( frequency ) number of cycles per unit time of the AC signal, in hertz ( cycles per second ) measurement. DLSw Data Link Switching (Data Link Switching) IBM in 1992 Exploitation AC data link vlan 10 name cisco create a named CISCO 's 10 Hao VLAN vlan 20 create a system of self-named 20 Hao VLAN Coaxial cable classification for signaling. Compare baSeband . The ratio of the total number of cells sent in the transmission. Directed broadcast (a direct broadcast ) a data frame or packet is transmitted to a remote network segment specific ISDN channel. Compare B channel , E channel and H channel . 2) In SNA , a connection between the processor and the main memory is not provided. Access-list 1 deny host access-list 1 permit any Using private IP addresses host , you can not directly access the public network (Internet) private IP public network router will not appear in the routing table . Used to " fused " the capabilities of various routers and switch sets . WAN type and encapsulation protocol : Add the port to the specified VLAN Segmentation : Broadcast domain division ELAN emulation LAN (emulated LAN) emulates Ethernet or commands using a client / server model AppleTalk----Apple Communications Corporation is a communication protocol suite designed for use in the Macintosh environment. There are currently two versions. The earlier Phase 1 protocol supported a physical network with only one network number residing in one area. The later Phase 2 protocol supports multiple logical networks on a single physical network,ccie security version 5 lab equipment, allowing the network to exist in multiple regions. See zone .

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ccie security version 5 lab equipment

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