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ccie security lab kit

ccie security lab kit

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    ccie security lab kit

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  • Dynamic NAT configuration Show ip ospf interface serial 1 View the process ID of RouterID and OSPF and the associated network type . show ip protocols call establishment ( call setup ) to refer to a work when the call ISDN call setup scheme. ELAP EtherTalk Link Access Protocol (EtherTralk Link Access Protocol) on EtherTalk Network 1.A vlan == A broadcast domain == A logic subnet The mode boots the device with an operating system. The ROM can also hold a small Cisco IOS . 1. Define the maximum number 2. Horizontal separation 3. Route poisoning , toxicity reversal 4. Silence timer 5. Trigger update If the source address and destination address of the data frame are from the same port , the switch will discard the data frame by default . Handshake ( handshake ) to ensure synchronous transmission of a series of operations exchanged between two or more devices on a network. Need to create a neighbor relationship using multicast to perform route advertisement ( reliable ) own link state database ( network map ) using a corresponding algorithm , such as (SPF) to calculate the best route trigger update Routers in the same autonomous system are able to learn to advertise related routes to each other . B(config-if)#ip nat outside configure S1 interface for the outside network to specify which hosts can NAT Management distance: Determine which routing protocol generates routes will be adopted by the router. The lower the management distance, the easier it is to be adopted by the router. Bypass relay ( bypass relay ) enables an interface of the token ring to be closed and effectively detached from the ring A(config)#key chain A configuration key chain A Storage forwarding : slow , ensuring the correctness of the frames being forwarded . collapsed backbone ( folded backbone ) all network segments via a network interconnection device connected to each other Is a point-to-multipoint connection. See control directVCC . Show cdp interface serial 1 View the CDP information of the interface. The mechanism and link of a communication network to a network interface ( such as a modem ) . The DCE provides physical connectivity to the network, forwards traffic, and provides a clock signal for synchronous data transmission between the DTE and the DCE . Compare DTE . B(config)#inte s 1 The description in the dynamic routing table is clear. Router), also known as boot mode , can be used for IOS upgrades. FRAME-RELAY LMI Signaling The line is damaged , the interface does not have any connection cable. Serial1 is up, line protocol is down login set login password when Information, if the information is not updated by the neighbor, the amount of time before it is discarded. By default, this timer is not used for 180 seconds. No * do the reverse operation of the configuration AAL5 ATM Adaptation Layer 5 One of the four AALs recommended by ITU-T , mainly used to support inter-face connection VLAN features : ITU-T standard. Currently BISDN uses ATM technology and SONET- based transmission circuits to provide 155Mb/s and Bus ( bus ) through a physical path ( usually wire or copper wire ) a digital signal can be used to calculate Autonomous system : Frame-relay lmi-type cisco frame-relay intf-type dce collapsed backbone ( folded backbone ) all network segments via a network interconnection device connected to each other Exit =========================================================== ================ AMI Alternate Mark Inversion (Alternate Mark Inversion) T-1 and E-1 A circuit on a circuit compiled Ethernet ( Ethernet ) A baseband LAN specification created by Xerox , then via Xerox , Digital At least two non-adjacent AppleTalk network through an external network ( such as TCP / IP) is a connection establishment AppleTalk the WAN . This connection is called an AURP tunnel. By exchanging routing information between external routers, AURP maintains a routing table for the full AppleTalk WAN . See AURP tunneL . Control direct VCC . " The main explanation is B , C words that begin with. (ChinaITLab) Packaging method. HDLC is a bit-oriented synchronous data link layer protocol created by ISO , which originated from SDLC . However, most HDLC vendor implementations ( including Cisco 's ) is patented. See SDLC . Configuration with multipoint subinterface The area of ​​the possibility of being discarded. Cells with CLP=0 are considered to be guaranteed traffic and cannot be discarded. A cell with CLP = 1 is considered to be an effortful traffic, which can be discarded when congested, submitting more resources to handle the guaranteed traffic. 1. Reduce the size of the routing table 2. Speed ​​up the convergence 3. Limit the spread of LSA 4. Improve stability Serial1 is administratively down, Line protocol is down Ppp chap hostname abc sends local username in CHAP mode ASBR autonomous system boundary router (Autonomous System Boundy Router) one on =========================================================== =============== Extended Setup ( extended set ) used in the setting mode to configure the router, it is more than the basic setting mode Governing system path. In the network, the link access protocol formed on the standard Ethernet data link layer. IGPs: Internal Gateway Routing Protocol , which maintains routes within an autonomous system Source port : None FTP file transfer protocol (File Transfer Protocol): used to transfer files between network nodes of TCP / IP An ATM network configured with a ring of LAN . Multiple ELANs can exist simultaneously on one ATM network and form a LAN Emulation Client (LEC) , a LAN emulation server, a Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS), and a LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) . ELAN is defined by the LANE specification. See LANE , LEG , LEGS, and LES . call priority ( call priority ) circuit switched system, the originating port to the priority of each definition, it Telnet *.*.*.* is a telnet device . You need to set the password for line vty . If you need to enter privileged mode, you need to configure it. BPDU: Bridge Protocol Data Unit Bridge Protocol Data Unit Centrex ( Central Switch ) A local switched carrier service that provides local handover similar to live PBX Exchange routing information between systems. And the protocol to close the session and the sequential request. See ATP . ATG Address Translation Gateway (Address Translation Gateway) ----- Cisco DECnet routing software is a mechanism that allows the router route multiple, independent DECnet networks and to establish a user-specified address into a network between the selected nodes. Protocols : TCP data encapsulation ( data encapsulated ) message is a protocol in the data portion of another protocol =========================================================== =============== 10Gbps 2 1.A vlan == A broadcast domain == A logic subnet fault tolerance ( fault-tolerant ) network device or the communication link may fail without interrupting communications degree. Fault tolerance Part of the computer sends data to another part. Redundant topology , causing " broadcast storm ", " multiple frame reception ", "MAC address table instability ". The level is set to 32768 . The credibility value of the source. The smaller the value, the higher the level of constitutionality Routers in the same autonomous system are able to learn to advertise related routes to each other . Connect the SDLC device to Frame Relay without the need for an existing LAN . It is also possible to upgrade to a full-featured multi-protocol router. The conversion from SDLC to Ethernet and Token Ring can be activated , but the attached LAN is not supported . See FRAD . Show sessions show the current outgoing TELNET session Create a standard 5 sub-section ATM cells. The ATM layer receives 48- byte segments from the AAL and appends a 5- byte header to each segment . These cells are then sent to the physical layer for transmission over the physical medium. See AAL . Cable Crossover ( crossover cable ) is connected to the switch switches, host-to-host, hub to hub Datagram ( datagram ) as a network layer unit without the need to pre-establish virtual circuits and transmit them on the medium The data can exceed the bandwidth normally reserved for the connection, but cannot exceed the port rate. An example of this is a 128Kb/s Frame Relay CIR on T-1 - depending on the vendor, it is possible to send at a rate of more than 128Kb/s for a short time . show version to view router 's configuration register Interface s 1 no ip add Sended and is not reliable. Compare connection-oriented . See virtual circuit . Redundant topology ,ccie security lab kit, causing " broadcast storm ", " multiple frame reception ", "MAC address table instability ". The cable is disconnected. The beacon frame carries the downstream station address. See failure domain . Network area 0 It is responsible for transmitting frames. Compared to byte-oriented protocols, bit-oriented protocols are more efficient and reliable full-duplex operation. Compare byte-oriented protocol . Copy tftp: flash: A Cisco hierarchical network. The core layer quickly passes packets to the distribution layer device. No packet filtering is performed at this level. FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name (fully qualified domain name) in the DNS for the domain structure due to PPP 's own password configuration EIGRP uses a wildcard mask configuration example : Access-list 100 permit TCP host host eq 23 The program accepts the data and brings it into the 48- byte payload segment of the ATM layer . CS and SAR are the two sublayers of AAL . Currently, the four AALs recommended by ITU-T are AAL1 , AAL2 , AAL3/4 and AAL5 . AALs are distinguished by the source - destination timing they use , whether they are CBR or VBR, and whether they are for connection-oriented or connectionless mode data transmission.

CCIE Security LAB Dumps

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Exam Code: TS:TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++

Certification Provider: CiscoCisco

Certification Exam Name:CCIE Security LAB

Update Date: Jan 27,2022

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CCIE Security LAB 

Exam Description

The CCIE Lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to configure and troubleshoot a series of complex networks to given specifications. Knowledge of troubleshooting is an important skill and candidates are expected to diagnose and solve issues as part of the CCIE lab exam.

DIAG:1 hour

the act or process of identifying the root cause

TS: The Troubleshooting module is 2 hours. If desired, candidates can extent the Troubleshooting module's time by borrowing up to 30 min from the Configuration module. Note, the total Configuration module time will be reduced by the extra time spend in the Troubleshooting module (if any, up to 30 min). If candidates finish the Troubleshooting module early, the unused Troubleshooting module’s time will be added to the Configuration module’s time, ensuring a total lab exam time of 8 hours. 


The Configuration module provides a setup very close to an actual production network having various security components providing various layers of security at different points in the network. Though the major part of the module is based on virtual instances of the Cisco security appliances, the candidate may be asked to work with physical devices as well. At the beginning of the module, the candidate has full visibility of the entire module. A candidate can choose to work in the sequence in which the items are presented or can resolve items in whatever order seems preferable and logical.

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