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SDN/ONC Collection ccie r&s lab exam dumps

SDN/ONC Collection ccie r&s lab exam dumps

1. Question: Can access controlbe deployed at the same time as SC?

Answer: Yes, two scenarios are supported with the same SDN deployment using the same SDN switch.

2. Question: Can SDN's SC scheme routing pattern and transparent mode be deployed at the same time?

Answer: Yes, service nodes in different modes can have the same service chain.

3. Question: Automated operations cannot back up switch configurations, prompting a long list of telnet enable-related tips.

Answer: This is a good case to check the configuration of the switch telnet and to ensure that after the telnet to the switch. It needs to enter the password otherwise it will also lead to backup failure.

4. Question: What is the principle of arp active lying through vlan?

Answer: Mainly for dumb terminal when the user cross the network segment to access the dumb terminal that core does not have the dumb terminal arp. If the configuration of arp active access vlan, the core will be in these vlan to request this address arp information.

5. Question: What are the characteristics of the service-chain mode port?

Answer: (1) All VLANs

(2) No VLAN checks

(3) No address learning

(4) Do not add delete to VLAN

(5) If the input message is a second-level broadcast, the unknown broadcast is discarded

6. Question: How to solve when the topology of the SDN access control scheme did not find Huawei devices?

Answer: The following two commands need to be added to Huawei devices otherwise the link cannot be found when the topology is found

     snmp-agent community read cisco mib-view iso-view

     Snmp-agent mib-view leed iso-view iso

7. Question: Is it feasible for the ONC controller to dock with the switch and the switch to use VRF docking?

Answer: Direct docking with VRF on the switch is not supported.

8. Question: When the terminal is not aware of the prompt: "Registration failed that the current environment cannot register fast authentication information!" "

Answer: This is a problem caused by a quick MAB authentication in sam access control.

9. Question: When does SAM initiate a user query mechanism to the switch?

Answer: (1) Once a query is made when the switch is synchronized with an online authentication user at a fixed point in time.

(2) A query is made when the second terminal of the same user is online.

10. Problem: Web authentication configuration class failure summary.

Answer: (1) Do not pop the window, url can jump normally.

         ----- URL misconfigured

(2) Do not pop the window, the URL can not jump normally.

          -----eportal address misconfigured

          -----DHCP server issued DNS ip misconfiguration

          ----- static ip users with web authentication anti-privacy

          ----- web certification does not have a configuration of authentication migration in the case of migrating certified users (certification table items are not aging)

3Portal's key configuration error will not affect authentication

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