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SND/ONC Collection ccie lab practice

SND/ONC Collection ccie lab practice

1. Question: What is the difference between the SDN Cloud Campus Access Mode and the Kernel Mode?

Answer: Access mode: Using a port security scheme, legitimate users form static ip+mac bindings on the port.

     Gateway mode: Turns off dynamic arp learning capabilities and legitimate users adopt static arp bindings.

2. Question: Does the SDN need to change the IP address of the cluster IP before it can be authorized before it can be authorized?

Answer: Needed

3. Question: Access control and under what circumstances will be on the pending list

Answer: (1) First access

     (2) IP conflict

     (3) IP/VLAN inconsistencies

     (4) IP changes

     (5) Position change

     (6) Gateway ARP spoofing

4. Question: Access control kernel mode and gateway device receives the ARP information of the unadmitted terminal, how to deal with it?

Answer: Send on only ONC and do not study ARP.

5. Question: How will be handled that Control access mode with control access switch received arp message?

Answer: It will be forwarded normally while a copy is copied to send the ONC controller.

6. Question: Do You need NTP servers when the access control scheme is deployed in multiple clusters?

Answer: The NTP server must be configured.

7. Question: Access control gateway mode that where is the default access location?

Answer: The lower link of the core switch.

8. Question: Does the user terminal that has been online need to be certified again after the access control control control control time is over?

Answer: No need to flush inside for control.

9. Question: What is the separation of the three type when access control adds equipment “business”?

Answer: openflow/netconf/snmp. Only the SNMP protocol is displayed when the device type is universal.

10. Question: What does the business network mean in the access control scheme?

Answer: The segment of the terminal (VLAN)

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