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ccie lab dumps 2019 SNMP Syslog Collection

ccie lab dumps 2019 SNMP Syslog Collection

1. Question: After logging is turned on, is there any syslog file in the directory?

Answer: It’s need half an hour cache in or after the restart can be viewed by the way of cisco sdir.

2. Question: How do I resolve an input command interrupted by a pop-up log, so that you don't know where the input command is lost?

Answer: Configure logging in line vty or consoleline 0 so that even if a log pops up during the re-entry process, the command just configured is displayed again on the next line.

3. Question: What is the default protocol for logging to the log server on the switch and what is the port number?

Answer: The default is the udp protocol, and the port number is 514.

4. Question: How do I configure the switch log upload log server interval?

Answer: By default, the time interval to send to a remote server is 3600 seconds (one hour).

     Configure the time interval sent on the delay in the global configuration using the logging delay-send interval seconds command.

5. Question: How many ip addresses can be set on the switch to the server ip address of the log server configuration?

Answer: Logging server . This command can be configured up to 5 and does not appear to override the previous command.

6. Question: What algorithm is used for MD5 encryption for SNMP V3?

Answer: The encryption algorithm of snmp v3 md5 supports the des56 algorithm on the switch.

7. Question: The following log pops up consistently during the configuration of *Jul 10 08:48:53: %SNMP-3-AUTHFAIL:Authentication failure for SNMP req from host

Answer: Caused by group name misconfiguration

8. Question: Port up/down does not send trap information to the snmp server, how to solve it?

Answer: The following commands can be configured to enable the device to actively send trap information to the snmp server.

     Global configuration: switch (config) #aggregateport member linktrap // Configure AP members to send linktrap notification function

     Configuration on interface: switch (config-if) #snmp trap link-status //open interface to send linktrap function

9. Question: What is the mode of transmission used in the SNMP protocol and what is the protocol port?

Answer: SNMP uses the UDP protocol to transmit information between the management side and agent and SNMP uses the UDP 161 port to receive and send requests.

10. Question: For high-end devices show tem has multiple temperature values, which is the reading of switch device temperature values by using switch mib nodes through snmp management such as software?

Answer: The largest temperature value of all line cards is read, using the MIB node

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